Monday, November 9, 2009

Charlotte at age Two

As I was updating the blog Charlotte was playing on the Crayola kiddie keyboard behind me. I could hear her typing and calling out the names of the letters. I looked back to be sure she was not torturing Lenny when I saw her correctly identifying most of the letters on the keyboard.

I grabbed my camera and asked her to show me the letters.

It was not a fluke, she knows them. I called Mitchell into the computer room and had him quiz her on the individual letters. She truly can read and name them.

This blog is a substitute for a baby milestone book, and today, I am pleased to note that Charlotte, at age two is reading and correctly naming the alphabet.

Amanda has said in the past, in reference to our children, "Two uglies make a cute!" After today, I am curious if two dummies make a smartie?

Holy Crap, she is just barely two years old!


Michele S said...

Wow!!! That is so awesome. You know you won't be paying for one to go to college. Can you say SCHOLARSHIP?

Andy said...

I ALWAYS knew that my baby is GIFTED. Holy Kamoly, reading at 2. Get her into a GIFTED program right now. Give her a HUGE hug and kiss from Grandma Andy. Tell all the kids that Grandma Andy has had a lot of presents here for them since the Summer, but G.A. has dementia, and forgets to send the stuff. Love and kisses, G.A.xoxoxoxoxo

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