Monday, November 2, 2009

The BIG 99

About nine years ago when Grandma turned 90, Rachelle and I were talking about the big-ass party we would throw for her hundredth birthday. We were plotting and scheming and driving her insane thinking about it. Grandma was convinced she would not make it to 100 so we made her a wild and ridiculous bet. We bet that if she lived to be 100, she would buy us each a red convertible sports car. Rachelle and I have about 363 days to go before we get our cars. This is one bet I will be more than happy to collect.

We all helped Grandma celebrate her 99th birthday this past weekend. My gift to her was showing up with all the kids. Nothing says happy birthday like 4 little ones hovering around the table for cake.

All the kids helped blow out the candles and sang happy birthday to her. She seemed so glad to share this day with the family. It was a subtle crowd of friends and relatives and was a perfect way to ring in number 99. Her baby brother and baby sister (both in their 90's) attended. At this age anything more is overkill and anything less is an oversight.

Grandma is amazing- she is bossy as ever and I am sure the second we left she was talking about who gained/lost weight, who looked like hell, who died, who got divorced, who sent her a card, who didn't and I am quite certain she was a little miffed that we served the cake on paper plates. At her age she is entitled to an opinion. I hope I have her spunk when I am half her age.

As a gift I had all of Grandma's pals and extended family to send her a birthday card in the mail. I wanted her to receive 99 greeting cards to commemorate this day. I am pleased to report that in addition to cake and fan fair, Grandma got 99 cards from all over the world. I am sure that I will have to suck it up and do something BIG next year.

Gotta go now, I have laundry to do, and I better start researching red sports cars. I want to be an educated buyer and there are only 363 shopping days left until the big 100. I wonder what I should bet her for the 101? Maybe double or nothing then Jeff and I can have a matching set of red cars? Happy Birthday Grandma, we all love you!

photo credits: My Brother in Law, Aunt Nat


Anonymous said...

Do you still have 2 triplet storollers? I really want one. please email me


O'Brien Bunch said...

99 Birthday Cards? Best birthday story ever!

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