Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adventures with Astro Boy

We bit the bullet. We took all four kids to a movie in the theater. Since some of our friends were going and they invited us to join them, we took the whole fam damily to see Astro Boy.Thankfully it was a matinee on a Sunday so there was not a crowd.

The kids were totally excited at the idea of going to a movie. We stood outside the theater

and did some window shopping and talked at great length about behavioral expectations for the cinema. Yes, Charlotte had a complete meltdown as we took the pictures. The kids were really fired up and I was worried that they would be wiggly and wild once inside the show.

I packed my "diaper bag" full of movie snacks. Since no one wears diapers I used this as a ruse to sneak in our own treats because I am so cheap, or if you prefer; frugal.

I threw in some excess Halloween candy, some Popcorn, Indiana brand Kettle Corn, some Honest Kids juice pouches and plastic cups for serving the popcorn. It would have killed me to buy the snacks there. With two adults and four kids I would need a second mortgage on the house. I am not sure my crew even realized you could actually buy food there, at least for now I dodged that one.

With 9 kids and 6 adults we took up two rows and had a our own section.

Astro Boy was a bit too violent for my taste in kid programming. I have sheltered 4 years old and under in my posse, so movies that depict shooting and killing and fighting are not my parenting style. But honestly, I did not take them to see Astro Boy, I took them to see if they could sit through a movie and enjoy themselves. More than that I wanted to find out if I had enough patience to do movies with them. My experiment proved worthy, because despite the below average show, they behaved beyond my expectations. I distributed food throughout the hour and 45 minutes and they did great. Charlotte needed a little help from her Daddy because she got fidgety and bored but she is still a BABY.

After Astro Boy the adults hung out in the lobby and chit chatted while the 9 kids pretended to play the video and arcade games. It amazed me that they were able to stay busy without actual money for the machines. We managed to set up some future dates for just the grown ups and snap some photos for the blog.

My adventures with Astro Boy were fair. I did not love the movie but I did love watching my children enjoy themselves. That alone was worth the price of admission. My movie review of Astro Boy- not so great, my blog about surviving another multiples milestone, priceless.


Michele S said...

Uh, can I comment about you and your smoking hot friends in black or is this a family blog?

We just started movies over the summer, so you are full year ahead of me. We only go to the free summer movies and sneak in food too. You are my kind of gal!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Awww shucks- I practically had to FORCE the girls to pose with me...they fell asleep during Astro Boy and were not willing to be photographed for the whole world to see. Wahhhh, wahhhhh, now they can see the whole world thinks they were smokin hot!

We are in fact, the real housewives of Franklin County

babetteflix said...

My first question was also about wardrobe--did you send a memo for everyone to wear black? Looked great! My second question is--why did you expect a Sunday matinee to be empty? You really lucked out!! We don't go to many animated movies, so thanks for the tip. You've already been warned not to take kids to Where the Wild Things Are, right?

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Babette- we are jewish girls in our suburban uniform- some kind of black top/pants with coordinating denim or additional black clothing. We are the real housewives of Franklin county and this is our way of blending in-
I thought this matinee would be empty because it was the most glorious Sunday weather.

I do know that Where the Wild Things are is a ways off too.

No Name said...

I especially like the one with the black shirt!

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