Thursday, October 8, 2009

What a Tear Jerker

Today Mitchell had to give a speech in front of the entire upper school and its' faculty. This is a tradition during your junior year and it is a right of passage at his school. Giving your junior speech is a big deal.

The students are introduced by the Headmaster and are dressed in formal attire. Mitchell wore his black suit, lavender shirt with a silver, lilac and black silk tie. He looked so handsome and grown up- really mature in a corporate way. On dates he tends to appear more pimp daddy-ish but today, at the podium, he was pure Mitchell at his finest. Jeff and I were proud before he even said a word.

During the seven minute speech Mitchell talked without preaching. He connected with the audience and there was not a dry eye in the house. His emotional testimony about his mother's death was incredibly raw and real. Mitchell touched some nerves and revealed his inner core. How could this vulnerable and sensitive guy be the same person who plays Varsity football? He is so rough and tough on the exterior that it is easy to assume he is invincible. There were moments of sheer laughter and humor (HELLO??? he is Jeff's son) but overall Mitchell was brilliant. He made us laugh, he made us cry and afterwards, at lunch, we kissed a hundred and ten bucks good-bye.

I wanted to upload the video portion of his speech but taping was strictly prohibited. The audio-visual team at the school makes a professional recording and when I get a copy I will post it here, on my blog. It was genuinely blog worthy. Mitchell's junior speech was blog worthy,people. There, it is public now, Mitchell Slutsky's Junior speech rocked the house. For all of his friends who read this blog and give him shit, you can bite me-go ahead, bite me! I have bragging rights. After all, I am the BONUS MOM dammit.

I dressed the little kids to greet Mitchell in the hall outside the theater. When the speech was finished and after all the faculty was done congratulating, wiping away tears and praising the boy, his 4 biggest fans got to hug him too. During the receiving line his mini-me(s) were able to say hello and work the crowd along side their big brother.

I think the suited boys looked like little lawyers in their spiffy two piece suits and serious expressions.We could use this photo for their billboard- "When you need a powerful group of attorneys, call on us, SLUTSKY, SLUTSKY, SLUTSKY and SLUTSKY, there is strength in our numbers!"

Thanks for the good cry today Mitchell, you made it easy to update the blog and I hope you get a decent grade on the speech. I am expecting that if the (female) staff members at your school have any influence on your score of the amazing delivery of difficult subject matter, the tear jerker will prevail. Let me know if I need to bite anyone. Colin? Frankie? Jimmy?


The Daddy said...

I could not have been more proud of Mitchell. His speech was very powerful and sincere both in content and delivery. -- The Father.

O'Brien Bunch said...

There is really just something about a man (or young man) talking straight from his heart. Good God, it gets me EVERY time!

Congrats :0)

Mitchell said...

you spelled collins name wrong again

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