Thursday, October 1, 2009

There is No Place Like Home

Whew, what a day. I started with a busy morning and finished with a long flight home. I really missed the kids. I really missed them. It was fun to be in Vegas for a week but there Is no place like home.

I started the day by helping Jeff at his presentation. I am a power seller when it comes to hocking his wares in the back of a crowded room. Nobody sells more books and tapes than me- I even up sell the clients into consulting packages, so my presence has an added value to Jeff. His keynote this morning had seats for 1500 and it was standing room only with people crowded in everywhere. I was shocked to discover that the client had assigned us a personal assistant to help us. I was shocked and glad to have someone else to help me, but I was a bit taken aback when she told me the company described her a my handler. Dogs have handlers, so we quickly agreed that she was my personal assistant. If it were not for the real work and long hours, I could get used to helping Jeff along side my very own personal assistant.

My Internet pal Michele stopped by to say hello and get caught up with me. I call her my Internet friend because Jeff refers to her that way- he does not get it at all. Just because we met through Triplet connection and we both have our blogs he thinks it is suspicious and weird, but then again he has like 3 friends, PERIOD! I am sure if Michele and I lived in the same town we would hang out- but alas, she has the distinction of being my Internet friend as opposed to a real life friend, I guess. Michele and I swapped child-gluten free-husband-fashion-and Vegas stories and I listened as she told me the latest about her kids’ newest pet peacock who is pooping everywhere. Seriously- my Internet friend has a live peacock. What is so weird about that, right?

We got some coffee and sat in on part of Jeff’s keynote speech and program at the MGM convention center. I enjoyed showing off my man and his mad skills from the platform. This is the same Jeff that woo-ed me 8 years ago in Las Vegas as he spoke at the Venetian during the weekend of our very first date. If Michele and I had more time we could have done more than pose for photos in front of Jeff’s books.I did ask Michele to snap a photo of me with my new found personal assistant because I am that cool. (will insert photos later)

I wore my Pucci-esque mod dress and tall black Jimmy Choo boots so that I would blend in with the Vegas crowd. Hip, contemporary, stylish and sexy- the basic battle cry of the Las Vegas woman, capice? I love this dress because I can just toss it on and look put together as opposed to grungy sweats or jeans in the mom with triplets frump mode. (In case you are curious TJ Maxx has a great selection of these little dresses and they are less than $25 a piece and are machine washable- SCORE!) I am as small as ever and this hot number is still a friggin size 14! What is wrong with designers? A FOURTEEN!

As I strutted my stuff through the MGM Grand, I realized I was carrying my photo tote bag as my main purse. I took a look at myself in the mirrored wall and realized I looked like a hooker toting a diaper bag. Very nice.

Just as I was boarding the flight out of Las Vegas I spotted a brunette Kate Gosselin doo, or should I say don't? I was staring at her hair like a deer in the headlights- I was paralyzed. This was some serious asymmetrical, reverse mullet, spiked, multi-layered weave. I honestly could not believe someone would do this, so in my chutzpahdicka way, I made her pose for these photos.

I knew no one would believe me unless I got photographic proof. She willingly modeled her haircut, proudly! So, see... when Kate Gosselin starts a trend, apparently the fit hits the shan.

What a week. I spent precious time with my husband during the week of our 7 year wedding anniversary. I like him more today than yesterday and I have been saying that for 7 years. I got to laugh with my friends (the real and Internet folks) and I enjoyed my time in Las Vegas. I am so excited for the weekend though, my triplets with be celebrating their 4 year birthday, we will have Friday Night Football, Fall parties, and fun with friends…of all types. Ahhhh, there is no place like home.


Aaryn said...

Happy Birthday!!! Where has time gone?!? I also can't believe what life is like, what a difference 4 years makes! The cards went in the mail today :)

Michele S said...

Happy Birthday little Slutskys!!!

I loved reading your post today, Helene. Very cool. I will email you the pic of your handler. I need a handler today. Is she available?

Great seeing you!


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