Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thankful and Relieved

I just heard from Argenida. The US Embassy in Panama has issued her the F-i Visa needed for her to return to Columbus and attend Columbus State Community College for the winter semester. AMEN. My prayers have been answered.

I have not written about how stressful this whole thing has been because honestly, it was out of my control. What could I do differently? Complaining was pointless. We did everything we needed to do to process the immigration paperwork. We provided financial statements. Argenida upheld her obligations as an Au Pair and she returned to her native country as instructed. All those things being equal it was still a crap shoot if and when she would be able to come back to us.

Right now we are flying solo without an Au Pair. We have Stephanie our local lifesaver on retainer but with all of our craziness we need more than an occasional babysitter. I am happy to report that Alejandro is thriving in Overland Park with my sister and her family. I think they understand why I was so hell bent to find him a nice family that would appreciate his easy going manner and take charge attitude with child care duties. But as for us. we are winging it everyday and somedays are better than others.

So dear readers- there is good news today. Argenida is coming back on November 28. I am doing a serious happy dance as I count down the days. I am so relieved to know the end is in sight. You have no idea how whigged out I have been worrying and wondering what I would do. Now, I am just plain thankful. I am already making a huge sign to take to the airport, it will say BIENVENIDA ARGENIDA, GOD BLESS ARGENIDA.

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