Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday is our Funday

This was the ultimate Fall Fun Day. Jeff and I schlepped all the kids plus Lenny to Blendon Woods Park. The weather was ideal for layering and the sky was clear enough to enjoy the bright colorful scenery.

The kids are really into the changing of the seasons. They took pride in noticing every detail at the park. Nothing says Autumn like playing in the fallen leaves.

It was the best source of entertainment and it was FREE!

Here are some images taken as I tried to capture the park scenery about one week past peak for colors.

I hope you can see the beauty of the kids surrounded by nature.

I was planning to write a much different post tonight- but with my vision scrambled, my heart aching, I will collect my thoughts during nice hot, evening shower and I will post tomorrow about the heavier side to parenting. If you want a hint, I screwed up today- BIG TIME. I am practically in tears now, looking at the photos from today, and I promise I will share the whole saga tomorrow. I am signing off to take a look at three sleeping kids before I call it a night.

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