Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Festival for the NICU

It is hard not to support any benefit for the local hospital NICU. Of all the possible childrens' charities, organizations and agencies, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is near and dear to us. When you a have a 28 weeker, yet alone THREE twenty eight weekers who are thriving and celebrating their 4th birthday, you show your enthusiasm.

The grounds of Lynd's fruit farm hosted Pumpkin-palooza on Saturday. We took the kids and let them loose all over the festival. There was so much for them to do and so much to see that we tuckered them out in no time flat. It took about 43 times up and down the "big hill" to accomplish utter exhaustion. I am seriously considering getting a landscape company to come out and build us a humongous hill and tunnel just for this purpose. Some kids get jungle gyms and swing sets, my monkeys need a friggin mountain.

We took pictures in pumpkin patch
and everyone selected their own special orange gourd for future Jack-o-Lanterns. We guessed the weight of this enormous pumpkin
and we entered the contest hoping we DID NOT WIN IT. The corn maze is going to be awesome next year when the kids are old enough to understand it. Baby steps people. this week we tackled escalators, next year we will attempt to appreciate the corn maze. For now we used the corn maze as a photo opportunity

and measured how tall we are this Fall. Good stuff. Good stuff with a NICU underlying cause.

FYI- the honeycrisp apples for sale in the tent at Lynd's are ahhhh-mazing. The no sugar added, fruit juice sweetened, seedless red raspberry jam is divine. Totally worth the drive if you are local.

Now, I am hoping there are more pumpkin related events in our near future. I am game. Bring on the Fall leaves and trips to Blendon Woods. I need a place to exhaust three former 28 weekers.

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