Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pool Party

For some odd reason I am having BLOGGER issues. I swear I posted twice and somehow the posts did not show up on the actual blog. Very Strange!

My last day on Mommie-cation was spent hanging out with my friends The Pools. You may recall that Mrs. Pool is my adopted Moroccan Mother in Law and she is also the adopted grandmother to my children. All of her sons are my friends, and now all of the wives and kids are part of the on going Pool Party. When we get together there are tons of laughs, stories of back in the day, and just good stuff.

We got all caught up on family drama and the latest funny stories about our children. We went to dinner with all the kids and found a great Israeli and Mediterranean restaurant in Hollywood.

The informal seating was ideal for dining with a large, loud group like ours. I even managed to make the little people pose for some candid photos with their Grandma.

It is times like thesethat make me wish we lived closer to each other. Let me re-phrase this, it is times like these that make me wish we lived in the Fort Lauderdale area.

I fell in love with the J-man.He is super smart, flirty and really into imaginary games- my ideal man, right? We had so much fun together that when it was time for him to say goodnight, he told his father, he was upset that I was leaving to go home because I broke his heart. If that is not the sweetest thing, I do not know what is.

There is nothing like a good Pool Party to bid farewell to a tropical beach vacation! Bon Voyage Florida- I will miss you!

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