Monday, October 26, 2009

Mommie Guilt

Yesterday I bribed the kids to behave all morning. I used a currency that works. I dangled a carrot in front of them and the carrot was the opportunity to bake cupcakes with me.

I decided if I could not decorate the front lawn and porch for Halloween, I could certainly decorate cupcakes. Betty Crocker has nothing on me. I can whip up some dye free, gluten free, chocolate cakes like nobodys business. I even took the crew to Giant Eagle to buy some additional toppings like sundrops and coconut flakes. I had been reading all kinds of baking blogs and I was all fired up.

I lined up the ingredients,

the fixings,the pans, the liners, and the children. We stirred, mixed and poured. As a reward,

they all got to lick various spoons and spatulas. Then, as the cupcakes cooled on the counter top, we went to Blendon Woods for our daily outing.(see post from yesterday)

I was upset when CJ was acting as if he was sick. This is a kid that LOVES going to a park, so when he had no interest in playing I suspected he was getting sick again. He proceeded to vomit twice before he fell asleep
on the picnic table. This is what typically happens when he has been glutened. I wondered what he might have eaten when I wasn't looking. As everyone else played and collected leaves, poor CJ just laid there completely lifeless.

As soon as we got home he seemed better. He was asking for a drink and showing interest in toys. I immediately searched the kitchen trash can to see if there were any clues. Then, as I saw the cake mix box, my heart sank. I realized that I bought the wrong cake mix. Instead of the gluten free chocolate version I bought the dairy free, peanut free, allergen free one with the first ingredient WHEAT FLOUR. OMG, I was freaking out. My Mommie Guilt was off the charts. My intentions were pure and I only wanted the kids to have fun and enjoy some spooky treats, but it all went horribly wrong. He got so sick from just a few licks of the batter.

This is one of the few accidental exposures CJ has had in about 2 years. I was completely responsible for this and it shook me to the core. He bounced back within a few hours but I was traumatized beyond words. Mommie guilt is a very powerful thing.


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

Just from your writing I can tell your a great mama! I totally understand WHY you feel so badly.. but you have to let it go. Like you said.. it was an accident. And you were able to quickly determine what caused the reaction. Now go run out and buy a case of gluten free mix! and make many more cupcakes!

Jean said...

You're a great Mom! Give yourself a break! We all make mistakes from time to time, we're human. I have triplet boys, that will be seven in November. I remember giving the same one (one of my identicals) an allergy pill twice, while I was doing my nightly allergy pill, asthma inhaler, vitamin, toothbrushes etc. I didn't even realize until he already took it. I said Zack did you already have your allergy pill? He was like yeah, and I stupidly said why did you let me give you two? He said OOPS! I had to call the pediatrician and poison control. I felt like a giant ass! Poison control said he would be fine, but I felt awful! Every now and again, us Moms make an unintentional oops, and thankfully our kids are ok.

Aaryn said...

in your own words, "sh*t happens." I think a few of us have had things go horribly wrong. (we won't go into what mine was.... :)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

thanks you guys, the one thing that eased my mind today was watching the cd of the new photos and listening to the kids crunch the fallen leaves as if nothing had happened.

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