Saturday, October 31, 2009

LOTS of Treats and a trick from me to you

I delayed this post because I know that Collin and Frankie read my blog-- I decided a post about how Jeff, and I are out of town would be an open invitation for every 17 year old in Central Ohio to invade our house. I could have titled the blog post, HEY KIDS... if you want to smoke dope, get wasted or bop your girlfriend, the Slutskys are in Kansas City, so set it up with Mitchell. Call his cell or facebook message him, he will give you the code to the garage and alarm system.

I have seen Risky Business way too many times to know better -so, if you thought I was not posting for lack of content, that would be a big, fat NO! I was just protecting my home turf a little, sorry. It was my own little Halloween Trick!

We filled every minute of Halloween Day with treats. My kids have come to associate going to visit Nana, Papa and the cousins with a general sense of party like vibe from sun up to sundown. Being in town for Halloween just added to their enthusiasm.

We started the day with a visit to Kaleidoscope. This is an awesome venue courtesy of the folks at Hallmark Cards. Nestled in a space at Crown Center, Kaleidoscope has been proudly recycling paper and art supplies since I was a kid. Admission is still free and the fun is beyond words. This is a hands on experience using all kinds of materials and mediums. The place is stimulation overload in an educational and crafty way.

Our session went by quickly and my kids could have entertained themselves for a few more hours. We came out of there with bags stuffed with treasures and masterpieces. Aunt Rachelle and I even scored some die-cut papers for projects to be named later.

While in Crown Center we decided to treat the kids to lunch at Fritz's. This is a diner style restaurant where a mechanical train delivers the food to your table.

Let me be frank, you do not go there for the food, you go there because it is a novelty place to take the kids. If I were writing a food blog the rating score would be much lower than the Mommie blog which gives Fritz's thumbs up for being a step above Chuck E. Cheese. Barely.

After lumch we took the skywalk to Union Station to see their display of model trains. This is a Kansas City Landmark.

The cousins had fun watching all the locomotives and just being together. This was a completely free exhibit so aside from our crappy lunch, we took an amazing field trip for FREE! Even the parking was free, so needless to say, Jeff was thrilled with our social schedule since it did not cost him much. SCORE!

I will post later about the acutal Halloween celebrations, because I am wiped out- there were too many treats for everyone today.

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