Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leaving the Leaves and Loving It

I made it. I did it. I got myself and all the children healed enough to leave. Jeff, well??? Jeff was on board albeit reluctantly this time. He knows the key to keeping Momma Bear happy is the occasional break but going it solo without Argenida is vastly more difficult.

As I drove to the airport I took in all the sights of Fall. The cloudy day photography does not do the brilliant colors justice.

The leaves were at peak for color and judging from the cold, howling wind, they will be gone by the time I get back. Bye Bye Fall, Hello Central Ohio Winter, or what I like to call, welcome to GREY from October till May.

I left the leaves behind and traded them for the sights of the sea. Nothing says you are on vacation like the view of the Atlantic Ocean and The Breakers from your balcony. I made it to Palm Beach with RS, you know, the one with the perfect hair.

Note to readers, this photo was snapped first thing Sunday morning before coffee. Who wakes up with hair this fabulous? It is hard not to hate her for it, but I am working on it. If her place here in Florida wasn't to die for I would have to trade her in for someone fatter with horrible hair. It is hard to be friends with people who always look like a million bucks. When in Rome people- I will have to get my professionally blown out just to BLEND IN. I will try, dammit, I will try.

There is something really wonderful about being married to someone like Jeff. The little something is the reality that we make a great team. We understand the trade off that comes from being a couple. I am married to a saint and it is times when I am far from him that I grow a fonder appreciation for his abilities. Within the first 12 hours of my departure, Lenny had a seizure and lost control of his bowels and bladder and Eli threw up in the playroom. Yet somehow- some way, Jeff managed to do a few art projects with the kids. My preschool Picasso Princess, Charlotte, drew this for her Daddy. She is two years old, and if Picasso himself had drawn a penguin I am sure it would not be a cute as this one.She told him she drew a penguin, then she said, you call it penguino in Spanish. How many 53 year old dads do you know that will take care of 4 kids 4 and under, a Jack Russell terrier, and still keep his sanity? I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince.

I spent the day doing what everyone likes to do when they are without their kids....NOTHING! I leisurely did some shopping at the flea market, and spent time not talking to anyone about pooping in the potty, or the blasted Fresh Beat Band, or whether or not they want applesauce. I got some serious solo shopping done and it felt so good. RS and I brought our friend Olivia with us.She is a total hysterical hoot and I would venture a guess that most people would have no idea she is in her 80's. She wore her sneakers and kept up with us like a champion. Her son was my hero perinatologist so since I credit him with micromanaging my pregnancy to a successful outcome, it is only fair to credit her with giving me him, right? So even though I only see Olivia periodically, I love her for all things that are family. Mine and hers.

We took time to stop at the Station House for Sunday lobster dinner. This place is legendary in the area and it is the spot for a no frills, incredible lobster meal.
RS and I were both so happy that her sister in law could join us for dinner. This is a far cry from dining at Chuck E. Cheese. We laughed and shared sob stories about our single days. We compared notes on the worst blind dates and suddenly I could not help but reflect on the most perfect first date ever- the one I had with Jeff back in 2002. It is nights like tonight, when we are miles apart that I am grateful I decided to take a gamble on him and go to Las Vegas for our first date. I am almost as thrilled with Olivia, vicariously through her, for my preschool Picasso.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more insanely BORING, non kid related posts. Now, I am leaving for the land of nod. Who needs Fall leaves anyway?


The Husband said...

First off I actually have lost my sanity. They are driving me nuts. But so far we are surviving. Not looking forward to tomorrow. Have their outfits picked out and nothin matches. Not even their socks. But they're clean. This is going to cost you, big time. If I'm a saint, then you you bette plan of some heavy duty sinning when you return.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Awww shucks honey I was hoping you would stay sane, bring home the bacon and give me some lovin like a good husband. Don't worry bout the socks they are four and could care less. Pick your battles. Don't pick your nose.

I really do think you are a saint

Michele S said...

Hey Helene! It's your INTERNET FRIEND. Good for you. Looks like you are having a blast. I have super yucky hair that requires several hundred dollars in product to keep it from looking like I do heroin, so you can hang out with me.

Loved, loved, loved all the pictures.

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