Monday, October 5, 2009

The Last Fourth Birthday Party

I swear this will be the last post that showcases the ongoing, never ending fourth birthday party. We hosted the triplet's friends at the Bethel Road Graeters for a kid friendly, parent approved venue. It does not get any easier than having a gaggle kids celebrating at this place.

The Party Package from Graeters includes play time in Scoops and Chutes

the indoor playground with an appropriate ice cream theme. The conference style room was pre-set for the make your own sundae portion of the party. There were balloons, Happy Birthay paper products, streamers,

blow horns, and goodie bags. The children created some darling sundaes using the candy eyes and all the toppings.

No one even missed that we did not officially have a birthday cake, they just had ice cream and LOVED it.

With the whole week long party it was a refreshing change to just do the ice cream this time. I basically had to just pay and show up and Graeters took care of EVERYTHING.

The big hit of the party were magical Graeters bubbles. I am pretty sure they are a solution of dry ice and liquid bubbles that when mixed created a smokey and spooky soft bubble sculpture in the hands of the kids.

They were soft and non-threatening so everyone took turns with a few handfulls.

It was really nice of Mitchell and Amanda to attend. They were there because they wanted to be a part of the party.

They totally rag on me for tooting their horn on my precious blog, but I think it is awesome that they cared enough to celebrate their siblings. Mitchell missed watching some NFL Sunday games and Amanda drove all the way home from college to be in town. All in all, say what you want about them, I think they rock. And I have the blog to shout it out to everyone. The Blog, The Blog, The Blog- yeah, I put it out there guys. So there.

We made it. We celebrated way more than normal even by our standards. You only turn four once, or twice or three times if you are lucky. I truly promise we are done. Until next year.

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