Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am a Preschool Picasso Pimp

I thought this post was already on the blog in a timely manner- but there must have been an upload error- here it is...

I am still in complete awe with the latest original creation by Charlotte Alana Slutsky. Her first important work of art, PENGUIN in OCTOBERis a masterpiece. While most artists dabble in acrylics, oils, or mixed media, my daughter is starting a new trend using only Crayola Washable Markers. I believe that she is talented. I believe that someday, she will be a success in an artistic field. How many other child prodigies got started at age two. I am sure Tiger Woods had a golf club at this age and I would guess that his parents knew there was something there worth pursuing.

Here I am in my new role as Fine Art Broker for Charlotte Slutsky. I am pictured here with an I-phone photo of PENGUIN in OCTOBER- marker on recycled paper, 2009, at a fine art gallery in Boca Raton, FL. Since selling Chez Ami, writing a blog, managing a house with 9 people and being a good wife aren't fulfilling enough, I am now taking on additional responsibilities with trying to get Charlotte's work inside some prestigious places on consignment.

As I toured the gallery I admired many up and coming artists' work.
This is resin on tile and is remarkable- a hint of Picasso and a touch of Charlotte Slutsky in interpretation. I could totally see a similarity in style. There were tons of abstracts and sculptures that complimented Charlotte's choice of orange on white. I took photo after photo of her penguin throughout the gallery

so that I could tell everyone that her PENGUIN in OCTOBER was featured in a lovely gallery in Florida.

Reporting from Boca Raton Florida, I am Helene Slutsky, the Preschool Picasso Pimp!

The original PENGUIN in OCTOBER is not for sale because it is already a collected work. Jeff and I are in the process of hanging it next to our other favorites.

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