Friday, October 2, 2009

A Hum-dinger of a Fourth Birthday

The triplets are four years old. This is the first birthday they have celebrated where they understand the meaning of it. They know what it is all about.

They wore special buttons all day
and wanted EVERYONE to know it was their birthday. We ate a very nice light lunch at Cafe Nordstrom at Easton Town Center

and CJ built a tower of cheese cubes. Who needs legos or lincoln logs when cheddar and monterey jack are available? All three practiced riding the escalator because up until today I have forced them to use elevators. I needed to know they could coordinate and balance before I hurled them down a flight or up a flight leaving two screaming ones in the dust.

Of course at age four they can handle the escalator and today they proved their abilities. Natalie wanted to buy thesepurple suede go go boots and she had her Louis Vuitton purse full of coins with her to use, thankfully they did not have her size. We noticed the visual display of a dog in the kids' department, Eli pointed out that it looked like the dog was sniffing the boy's butt

and when I took a closer look I ad to agree. Of course I had to whip out my digital camera because it was pretty funny.

Nana and Papa bought the triplets a HUMMER H2 battery powered car for their big gift. I was able to snag this (gently used) from another triplet mom (thanks Lisa) so it was already assembled and ready to ride. I added the festive red bow to the steering wheel and set them loose to ride.

I was amazed that Eli was a little scared of the high speed so he let Natalie drive first. You may notice she never lets go of the purse
even while driving. The only accessory missing were some Hollywood sunglasses. She is like a New Albany Barbie mom in training. Oy the pressure- I swear if she asks me for a personal trainer or a housekeeper we are so moving.

Happy Birthday to my babies. I hope you had a Hum-Dinger of a Day. The celebration continues all weekend. Stay tuned.

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