Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Halloween from the Neighborhood

Once home I noticed that the kids ad been well fed, and they all seemed genuinely happy that I was back home. We took a walk to collect Fall leaves, sticks, acorns and other nature like gifts to make a collage. While hunting and gathering the children and I chatted endlessly about our time away from one another.

I learned that there is a boy in their class that wears diapers, uses a binky and brings a blankie to school with him. They went on and on about this child and I could tell they were really annoyed by him and the fact that he whines and cries the whole time he is there. Natalie ratted Jeff out and told me that Daddy let them drink Diet Coke. CJ and Eli mentioned that when Daddy gets them dressed for school e does not match the socks. I had to get clarification, and discovered he doesn't coordinate the socks to go with the outfits and they did not make pairs. CJ said Daddy gave him one pink and one brown sock at the same time. Silly Daddy. As if that was not topic of conversation enough all four of them wanted to know every single detail about Halloween.

It was during our walk that I noticed how many of my neighbors have put up Halloween decor. Keep in mind that I barely have time to brush my teeth, so adding another holiday that warrants time and energy decorating is way beyond my short term goals. I am doing well to get the pumpkins carved and lit every night. The Halloween spirit is alive and my sweet children asked me when we could put out all our spooky stuff. I told them I already did- and I showed them our pumpkins and my festive Fall leaf wreath. That was when they all started howling and shrieking NOOOOOOOO- NOOOOOOOO- NOOOOOO MOMMIE, we mean the REAL decorations like spider webs, ghosts and skeletons. (Ummmmm, okay, we do not have any of those at all) Before I could say another word, Natalie tells me to take her to Marshalls so we can buy a bunch of stuff because it is on sale. She said on sale like 6 times and with urgency in her small voice. She is totally my daughter. as if there was any doubt.

I took the kids on a tour of our entire neighborhood and asked them to point out the homes they thought looked nice for Halloween.

They took painstaking notes in their heads and each house was better than the next in their minds. I guess I will purchase some additional Halloween decor in a few weeks when it is like 90% off. Until then, we are going with the 2009 understated pumpkin only version. I wonder where I will store all the seasonal decor now that we celebrate and decorate Valentines Day, Passover, Purim, Fourth of July, Sukkot, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and 9 birthdays in this house alone. I used to think changing the fancy hand towels and place mats was sufficient to honor the seasonal holidays. Now my kids have an opinion and my neighbors are pouring on the peer pressure. At four years old they notice everything!

So Happy Halloween from the house with a few pumpkins and a wreath. Watch out next year though, Natalie and I are headed to Marshalls.

PS- Don't you love Laura's white ghosts hanging in the trees? I can so make those this week with the kids. Sorry neighbor we are copy catting that idea.


Michele S said...

Oh, you wait. We have had four parties in two days. Decorations are just the tip of the iceberg.


Anonymous said...

Do you still have 2 triplet storollers? I really want one. please email me


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