Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Happiness

I could ramble on and on about the Kansas City Halloween celebration but the photos should do the talking- they speak volumes.

Nana and Papa thought it would be cute to dress up too, and they donned some scary pirate costumes. Scary because, they are my parents, but scary because my dad wore these hideous Billy Bob teeth that were totally freaky.
Even poor Grandma was repulsed, and since we visited her at dinner time, it was justified. BLECH!

My three little pigs, little red riding hood and big bad wolf were a showstopper at Village Shalom. The older crowd found them irresitable and a few of the ladies dug into their fanny packs and walkers to give the kids quarters.

We got to see Roger too, and that is always an added bonus. If the kids weren't all decked out for Halloween in their official themed costumes, I would have put them in their KU Jayhawks clothes just to irritate the Mizzou fan in Roger. Ha.

The trick or treating went well and the party really got started when all the kids made it home safe and sound. The cousins went into overload and had a dance party complete with dress up clothes and accessories.

We took these photos for future blackmail and Bar Mitzvah video material. .

This explains the Halloween Happiness better than I can say. Enjoy!

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O'Brien Bunch said...

Oh good grief...what is it with men and their Billy Bob teeth? My man tortures me EVERY freakin' year with his. You would think the fake Billy Bob teeth would have rotted away by now----but noooo. Must pack 'em full of preservatives! Discurstin---as my teenager would say.

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