Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Field Trips Anyone?

As if my kids did not get to go on enough crazy field trips with me, they are now going on REAL field trips with their class from Temple Beth Chanel. They experienced a paint your own pottery place which is like taking 13 toddler sized bulls into a China Shop, but whatever.

All the students painted a ceramic tile.

Eli has really started to express himself with drawingand this self portrait was really good for someone his age. Additionally he has learned to write his name and practices it all the time. At any given point you can hear him saying, E-L-I over and over again. Since this blog is my kids' baby books, and record of milestones, Eli, you wrote your name at age four and thankfully we gave you a three letter name.

Natalie and CJ each used sponge stampers and hand prints to decorate the glaze on top of the tiles. I am sure these will make great trivets in my kitchen. You can't have enough places to set hot food in my kitchen so I am glad they made these as opposed to an ash tray.

begin venting here:

Is it just me or are these studios a complete rip-off? I was browsing the choices of unfinished ceramics and I was outraged to see that the small items were about $20 each, then you pay $7 an hour to glaze the crap on top of the cost of the white clay products. Call me crazy but why wouldn't you just go to TJ Maxx to buy a piece of shit vase for $5.99 already fired and ready to use? We are in a recession people- who has the time and money to spend painting shitty pottery? (Preschool classrooms aside of course!)

This is one field trip I can say we won't be doing on our own. I was scared to death that my kids would bolt for the shelves and knock over a couple hundred bucks worth of astronomically priced stuff. I think I will stick to what is working for us- playing in leaves, going to Giant Eagle and the occasional fruit picking excursion.

I am in countdown mode until Argenida returns- we are at 30 days exactly. I am planning a Mommie field trip of my own when she is back- and I can assure you the only pottery involved will be an enormous ceramic glass with a very cold, very dirty, Vodka Martini in it! So, get your permission slips turned in early, this is one field trip you won't want to miss!


Aaryn said...

oh sigh, remember those ceramic plates i made for their 1 year b-day? they weren't cheap, that's for sure- but I was single then. I guess I can't blame you for planting that seed, but I can blame you for planting the Nordstrom Rack seed (can you tell I went there recently, uh, today :) Only the best for Moshe (until I'm skinny again that is...which btw- I would like to pay a visit to Columbus's NR when I come- up for it?)

Annie said...

You are my kinda girl. A cold, very dirty Vodka martini sounds fantastic!!! Sign me up!

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