Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fiascos and Fall Fun- two rolled into one

I had planned a post about the amazing photos my friend Jennifer Mullinax took on the last trip into KC. I wanted to re-do my blog header with updated images and a new look for ages now. I had grand plans to makeover the Silly Slutsky Blog during the day but then, Mother Nature gave us another spectacular Fall day. When it is sunny, clear, and in the seventies at the end of October in Central Ohio, you drop everything and get outside.

I took the kids to Jeffrey Mansion after preschool. They spent hours entertaining themselves with all the leaves.

They just had fun. These photos do not even begin to do the park and the leaves justice. The sound of crunching on the fallen leaves was deafening loud and the giggles and laughter were equally booming.

I needed a wider lens to capture the magnitude of the day.

With trick-or-treating just three days away I am hopeful we can hang on to this amazing weather a little longer. Last night I made sure I lit the candles inside or carved pumpkins. I paraded the kids out onto the porch so they could see it all a-glow. The candles were flickering inside our big orange decorations and the children seemed so proud of our handiwork to decorate for Halloween.

This morning I noticed a problem on the front steps. Our bright orange pumpkins were now rotting into a moldy mess

and half of the decorations were covered in black soot. While it looked creepy and Halloween-ish, it was obvious that my decorations had caught fire. Half of them are molded and decaying into mush and the other half is burnt. It is a festive kind of char don't you think? VERY NICE. I have had to keep the kids away from the front door for fear that they will freak out and make me replace the whole scene. What are the chances that I can avoid the front of the house until Friday?

So as far as a successful Fall Season goes we are hit and miss. There is nothing quite like Fall- fun and fiascos at every turn.

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Michele S said...

LMAO. That's what our pumpkin looked like. It's still in the 80s here and there ain't a fallen leaf to be found.

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