Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Bonus Mom gets Bragging Rights for Bonus Son

As I mentioned on Thursday, it is my blog and I can brag and boast about anything I want- including Mitchell. He is free game in my opinion, even if Collin, Jimmy and Frankie think otherwise. So there!

Apparently I am not alone in my praise for Mitchell's Junior Speech. Several people took time from their busy day to text message him or send e-mail afterwards. Since there was lots of hugging and congratulating in the lobby, I did not think anyone would actually put thoughts to written words as a follow up. The written word is a powerful thing. This confirms my stand and justifies yet another blog post.

Without totally embarrassing Mitchell (yeah, right?) or revealing the staff members at Columbus Academy (who made these remarks) I have just entered these comments without the author's name- their anonymity should be protected - and should they see and read this blog- by all means, leave a comment and shout it out again. We are all in this together. C'mon Collin and Frankie, I know you read the blog- tell us in the comments, in your own words, what did you think?

Here are the unsolicited remarks made by the staff at CA:

Hi Mitchell.

I don't know you at all. I hope I get a chance to.

I found your speech to be moving, inspirational, and important. After
your speech, I went to my wife's classroom to say hello (and, okay, to get
a piece of cake.) Because of your speech, I didn't take that simple
moment for granted.

You seem like a great kid. Maybe I'll get a chance to be your teacher
next year. If not, I will have missed out.

and this:

Thanks for sharing your strength and honesty today.

Hey Mitch,

Just wanted to congratulate you on doing such a terrific job with such a
difficult topic. I lost my dad in 2nd grade and can absolutely relate.
Do know you've got another person who understands (at least to some
degree) and is in your corner!

and this:

Dear Mitch,
What a wonderful speech you gave this morning. I am so proud of you and
all you have accomplished despite the tough challenges you have faced.
You were tremendously poised and articulate this morning - and I cried
like you'd expect. I know Jimmy feels blessed to count you as a true friend and as a
brother, too!

This Bonus mom comes by her bragging rights honestly. Thanks again Mitchell you are the finest bonus son a bonus mom could ask for. And next time I see Coach Collis I will laugh at his celebrity status. Perhaps you guys can sign autographs together?

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