Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aunts and Uncles- How Sweet it is

These kids have it so damn good. I grew up with two parents who were both only children. Rachelle and I had lots of people we called Aunt and Uncle but they were all Grandma's siblings and they were old from the get go. I never had any Aunts or Uncles to spoil me, but my kids are making up for it...BIG TIME.

We started the weekend with the fruits of Aunt Edye's labor. Literally. As a drug rep Edye calls on doctors and offices in small town USA, well, small town Ohio anyway. An avid reader of this blog, Edye was on the hunt to score us some zhu zhu pets, so every time she was in Target at lunchtime she scoured the rural toy departments like a big city Aunt. My children got zhu zhu pets from Mommie and Daddy

thanks to the keen eye of Edye who let me take all the glory. Of course no zhu zhu pet is complete without some virtual hamster accessories from Aunt Edye and Uncle Marc. I had said nah nah nah to zhu zhu pets before, but how could I deprive my kids of the latest and greatest? Even Papa kind of liked the whole zhu zhu pet (craze) scenario, and he is clueless about the availability of these toys at regular price. He thinks you can just waltz into a store and just buy them. Muhhhhahhha. Yeah, right. As if.

Uncle Rick and Aunt Lisa came into town for Mitchell's football game and the triple birthday weekend. The gave the kids a gift card to Target and I will make sure they get to use it wisely. It was a great gift because this week they are in new toy overload mode thanks to the combination of Nana, Papa, and every Aunt and Uncle.

Aunt Rachelle and Aunt (Uncle) Nat provided these incredible gifts.

The kids just about went nuts for the idea of getting more presents, but especially these toys- they were perfect! Thanks to their generosity, Charlotte got a special toy too. Her middle name should be, ME TOO!

We added some no sugar added cake to already sweeeet weekend. I found a gluten free chocolate marble truffle cake by David's bakery in the freezer section of Costco. It was $16.99 and looked awesome.These are the same decadent desserts sold on QVC and through mail order for $50 plus, so I felt obligated to buy it. The box says: A layer of our rich, delicious, flourless, no-sugar-added (NSA) chocolate truffle cake is topped with a layer of our wonderful no-sugar-added cheesecake, then swirled with a bit of chocolate on top. The combination results in a flourless cake that is the perfect blend of rich sinful chocolate balanced with cool creamy cheesecake. What is not to love about the whole thing? OMG- the cake was totally orgasmic.

At age four the triplets are just so dang excited to get dessert that they could care less if it is frosted with chocolate ganache or artificial flavorings and colors, so I say- let us eat GOOD cake. This particular flourless cake is pre-sliced so it was a no brainer to just put a candle in the individual slices and sing Happy Birthday three times, once for each honored guest.

I understand the importance of not being slighted just because you share your birthday with a sibling or two, and shy of buying three cakes, this was an ideal solution. We even sang a fourth time for the honorary triplet, Charlotte. We just added "UN-birthday" to her song and she was right there with her posse.

When it comes to week long birthday celebrations my kids are so fortunate. They have a great group of Aunts and Uncles to shower them with love. Marble truffle cake and the love of your family- it does not get any sweeter. EVAH

and P.S.- I want you to zoom in on the photos taken in the playroom. There is a reason this is the only carpeting in our home- accckkk. We chose a nice short length Berber with a swirl of color of poop and vomit, and voila, we now have a permanent addition of honey, cereal, popcorn and dog hair for added accent. Take note of the Jackson Pollack-esque murals too, they are getting higher and higher each month. Some folks have their kids stand against a wall and mark their height- not us, we just watch as the mural gets taller and taller. I am just keeping it real. Very real.

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