Friday, October 30, 2009

Arriving at Aloft in Leawood, Kansas

Please note that this post was supposed to post on a scheduled setting but due to human error (mine) it was stuck in draft mode and was left for me to deal with when we got home. Yes, we left the Columbus scene and headed to KC for a variety of fun. I will explain the posting delay in greater detail later.

The ten hour drive went well. I think the kids just know what to expect and are used to the routine by now. I invested $6.99 in a new WOW WOW WUBBZY DVD with Beyonce as Shine along with Sparkle and Shimmer -the Wubb Girls. This annoying 98 minute DVD was worse than the Fresh Beat Band and was just ideal for entertaining the kids along I-70. They requested this particular DVD over and over until I considered pummeling it out the window over the Missouri River. I had to decide if it was better to have the kids quiet and mesmerized in their car seats or whether to open a vein and bleed out in my mini-van. If you have ever listened to WOW WOW WUBBZY for hours you will totally understand why the US intelligence is considering using it instead of water boarding.

I invested in some laptop desks by Crayola. The kids are getting into drawing more and more, so these hard sided plastic clipboards worked well along the route. Eli drew our family. I was impressed with his skills, and kept this for our gallery. It will look great next to the penguin don't you think?

We pricelined our hotel (ha ha ha Michele, and you want a pop up trailer...muahaaahha!) and scored the ALoft Leawood, a fancy new brand of the W hotel. It has been open for about a month and is one of those hotels that tries to be everything hip, happening and now.

I admit it was a very cool scene-wayyyy too cool for a mini van driving 40 year old and her crew. With 4 kids along I was just content to make sure we did not ruin or break anything. I took a ton of photos at various spots in the Aloft so you could see what I mean. This is a great location so I hope we can stay again with Argenida. I was dying to try the club like feel of the trendy RA sushi bar in the lobby but needed child care so that I could enjoy the experience. There was no way in hell I was going to micromanage all four kids in that place. It is times like this that makes me really miss Argenida. She would have had all the children asleep in their beds while I was sipping cocktails and snarfing sashimi.

Let the Leawood weekend begin!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments about the Aloft Leawood! I am one of the managers at the hotel and am excited to hear you and your family loved it! Hope to see you back soon.

Ellen said...

That hotel is beautiful! I hope we visit a place that has one soon - or maybe it's enough reason to head back to our old stomping grounds?? Great pics!

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