Monday, October 19, 2009

All in a days work in Palm Beach

I have been a Palm Beach kind of chick for years. I love it here. Palm Beach is preppy. It is all things Pink & Green, Palm Trees, Lilly Pulitzer and parties. It is designer duds and fancy cars. The money, the scandals the fine jewels. It is a fantasy lifestyle come to life and it reminds me of the pages of my bible back in junior high school. I read the PREPPY HANDBOOK coverto cover in the early 80's and I longed for the Palm Beach lifestyle even back then. When my friends were listening to Quiet Riot and hanging out at the Overland Park Quik Trip or Oak Park Mall, I was working as a babysitter to earn money to buy covers for my Bermuda Bag. I had a Palm Beach lifestyle on the brain.

Fast forward to today. I was in heaven. I tried the best I know how to just BLEND IN, and apparently my Hermes Belt gave me a local look because some tourists stopped to ask me for directions. I actually knew the way to their destination and never had to confess that I am just visiting. I wanted to say, "Do I look like I have had botox? Did you notice my hair is not professionally blown out? Did you see me getting in or out of a rental car? Nevertheless it felt great to be in my zone. Hermes, Graff and Gucci, Oh My.

I did my fair share of pounding the pavement on Worth Avenue. I snapped some photos when I went for coffee at the cafe inside the Breakers Hotel.

These are just some candid images of the things that make Palm Beach special to me. It is all flashing back to my youth and the longing I had to be a part of this town. At one point I wanted to don a beret and twirl in a circle in the middle of the intersection of County Line and Worth Road-ala Mary Tyler Moore- I might just make it after all.

Here I am enjoying the more Jewish side of life with lunch at Too Jays in Palm Beach. Too Jays or Two Jews, you decide. This is mewith "Uncle" Silvan. You have seen him before because all of my kids love to make chocolate milk mustaches and imitate Daddy's BFF. Jeff and Silvan have been lifelong friends going back to grade school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. When I married Jeff it was a package deal, Mitchell, Amanda and Silvan who is still single. When you get married you marry a family and a network of friends, and Silvan is IN NETWORK.

For once the moon and starts aligned and I was able to meet Silvan's parents. I have heard stories upon stories from Jeff and Silvan's childhood. Mr and Mrs. K have been married for 57 years and they are still totally in love.
They are Holocaust survivors. It is really nice to be in the presence of such an amazing love story-- this is REAL LIFE. I finally can put a name with a face and it is all making sense. Here is an official shout out to Silvan's sister and niece who were missed at lunch today. I know you read the blog and I knew you would love to see some familiar faces.

Okay, now let's get down to business. As Beyonce would say, "All the single ladies"....he is a catch, he is smart, owns a business and is N-I-C-E. Better yet, he has delightful parents. If you read my blog and need a shimmer of hope that there are still decent guys out there, here is an example. Silvan is what we can all mensch. If you are a nice Jewish girl looking for a man to adore and vice versa, send me a message or leave a comment. Have I got a guy for You!

Two Days, Two Jays, Two Jews, and Too Much- it is all the glory of Palm Beach. And you got to tag along, right here on the blog.

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