Saturday, September 19, 2009

Times Flies when you are Having Fun and We are Having Fun

With our whirlwind tour of KC and jam packed schedule, I have barely had time to take a deep breath, yet alone, update the blog. Here is some much needed 411 from the Slutskys. It is shocking what I can get done with high speed on line while Jeff and the kids are sleeping.

We have been spending time with the cousins and they are just so dang cute together!

They play like they are best friends and it hard to believe they are not everyday pals- because they act as if they get to see each other all the time. We lined them up at various spots around Village Shalom

and let Grandma show them off at her place. Who can resist these color coordinated cuties?

I took my 4 plus Jeff and Alejandro for a drive to the Louisberg Cider Mill. The original thought was that they would fall asleep and nap for a bit and they did. How do I spell success?....C-A-R N-A-P-S! I just wish I could nap while driving, but no such luck. The kids got to see how fresh apple cider is made

and of course there were samples, pumpkins mazes, and

haystacks to climb and jump on-and off-and on 122 times until poor Alejandro was spent.

Nothing says you are in Kansas like a day trip to the red barn and cider mill. We even got to see some of the Duggar family wannabees.

I am not sure how many moms were "sister wives" in modest clothing and a how many kids there really were, but let me just say that for once, I was not the center of attention with my brood. How cool is that?

The Jewish holy days are here and this is the first year in ages that we did not go to the synagogue. As a group we decided to just spend time with the relatives doing family bonding. All of the 6 under 4 were having such a great time it seemed silly to make them go to a babysitting room at an unfamiliar synagogue. We had a co-branded shabbat/Rosh Hashana meal complete with Lillian's custom made challah cover.

Instead of rushing to shul and back enjoyed the quiet and we dipped our fair share of apples

and honey for a sweet new year. L'shana Tovah everyone, it is time for my new years' resolution to get more sleep.

I promise I will check in tomorrow when I am celebrating my SEVEN year wedding anniversary by driving home.

P.S. after spending all week with Lillian and Samuel we found out tonight that Samuel has a bad case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus which causes fever, painful blisters in the throat and a general dose of BLECH and POOKINESS. Please say a little prayer that the poor baby feels better soon and that my monkeys do not catch this nasty bug. Amen.


Anonymous said...

I have also just passed the 7 year marriage mark and my husband has never been to OPKS to visit...he thinks they ALL look like the Duggars out there - he wonders why anyone would live there!...LOVE the pics...the looooong jean skirts were to die for!
Keep the candid public photos coming...I love them!!
Chrissy (Boguski) McCourt

The Husband said...

I can't believe its 7 years already. And I can honestly say I'd do it all over again. Sign me up for another seven (plus).

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