Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stress??? What Stress, this is just everyday life!

I admit it. I am overworked and I have over committed myself with time this week. I have bitten off more than I can chew and now I am scrambling to keep my commitments. I am honoring my schedule and multi-tasking to the point of it getting really, really, stressful. Just another day in the life people. It is a wonder I am not going grey.

I am the primary transportation for the triplets preschool- by choice. I love dropping them off and watching them get busy as soon as they enter their classroom. Likewise, I love picking them up after class so I can hear all about their day. Add this to making and cleaning up 3 meals a day, being a Columbus travel and tourism guide to Argenida's parents, keeping my doctor appointments (3 this week alone), hosting my first Chez Ami clothing party, sharing a car with Alejandro, and packing for our upcoming KC trip all while trying to figure out our obligations to Columbus State, Immigration and helping dear Alejandro find a new host family. Did I mention Jeff is on a gig in Minneapolis? Yeah, this is full throttle stress in the finest fashion. I am flying solo and I am quite sure that when Jeff gets home I will just collapse and let him take over.

Also, you should know that the Chez Ami clothing samples were supposed to arrive yesterday so that I could unpack, examine, inventory and get organized for the above mentioned show. No go. Apparently UPS is messing with me and has tested my patience to the bitter end. After many calls to their customer service center, and watching for updates on the UPS website, I saw that the shipments were slated to arrive this morning. One of two boxes arrived around 10:00 today, the other is missing in action. Without these clothes there is NO SHOW- The clothes make the show happen, so I am sitting here blogging by the front door tapping my foot waiting on BROWN. As soon as I hear the truck I will run outside and have him load the package directly into the Camry so I can get to Powell in time to breathe before all the Mommies show up to touch and feel the Chez Ami Fall Line. Could we cut this any closer? I think NOT.

I am thinking that Cosmopolitans are in order after the first party tonight. I am not above coming home, taking a long, hot bath and sipping my cool beverage from the comforts of my jacuzzi tub. Stress? What are you even talking about? Who me?

Tick Tock Brown, I have a 40 minute commute without rush hour traffic and it is 3:30- it is a good thing I sent the kids to the playground with the United Nations that is staying in my house. Hopefully everyone will have had a wonderful day by the time I get home. Tick Tock Brown, Tick Tock!

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