Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Silly Slutsky Quartet now playing at Village Shalom, Limited Engagement

We went to visit Grandma Eichenwald at her "house" because the kids LOVE to play in her kids' room. The thrills from invading a sound proof room full of toys, games and puzzles is beyond cool when you have been in the car for 9 plus hours the day before. Grandma will be, G-d willing, 99 years old next month yet she always has time to watch the kids at play. If you have to take 4 kids under 4 to visit an elderly person, having this state of the art fun zone is a huge BONUS!

As if that was not enough FUN, there was a solo pianist performingin the lobby. As the residents assembled to listen to the tunes, my children took it upon themselves to put on a show. And by show I mean they were dancing and prancing around, taking bows, clapping and hamming it up. I told them to pose for some photos for their programs and tickets and of course they were so excited that I was playing along with their whole performance thing, they acutally put their arms around one another and smiled.

One lady asked me what dance school we were from, as if we were there for a recital or something. I just said, half jokingly, that these children were the Slutsky Quartet and they were visiting for a limited engagement. She could not hear a word I was saying and she said, "I don't know what you just said, but they sure are cute!"

At one point one of the PR people for the Village Shalom center asked if they could set up a time to professionally video tape and photograph the kids with Grandma. They want to capture a series of multi-generational photos for a gallery and brochure- what a cool way to score some professional images of my kids with their great-grandmother! Priceless!

Here is the short video of their debut afternoon show- make sure you take note of their ability to work the crowd.

Hey, even the Partridge Family had to start somewhere....C'mon Get Happy everybody!

And, YES, YES, YES, the matching and coordinating head to toe clothes are from CHEZ AMI, so now you can see why I LOVE my new job!

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