Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rock Stars and Models

written late last night for posting this morning:

All in a days work people. My kids were all over town today and everywhere we went they were completely and totally "on!" They are such hams that it does not matter if we are at wonderscope, (we were) a Village Shalom trumpet soloist concert (Check) or at a photo shoot with our favorite photographer Jennifer Mullinax, (cha ching!) or at Waldo Pizza for a family dinner- (YES to Gluten free pizza and cupcakes) all stops, all places, they were really in the zone.

Today would have been the day to be a reality show star- days like this with four kids under four do not happen very often. The children seemed fake. It was too good to be true as if the producer and director had edited out all the bad scenes leaving only the sunshine and rainbows. They were so well behaved, kind, and sweet that I actually bought a powerball ticket. The jackpot tonight is 96 million and even if I did not buy the winning ticket I will consider today a total victory.

We started the day with a trip to the childrens museum in Shawnee, KS. Wonderscope is a hands on multiple kid friendly place. My munchkins went from room to room and could have played there all day if we had more time. CJ is totally into science and anything with moving parts and pieces- we could not un-glue him from the kinetic sculpture,

train table or vortex machine. Let's face it the child is brilliant. Eli, Charlotte and Natalie had a blast too

but they just play differently than Mr. Fix It.

For those of you with a preconceived notion that a male au pair is only good for playing sports, take a look at Alejandro.

The poor guy had no idea what he signed up for when I offered to let him stay with us during his transition.

After lunch we stopped by to see Grandma. We looked everywhere for her today and were told she was in the Elder Spa. Apparently the spa treatments are worthy because we waited for over an hour in the family play room and never saw her. I had to leave my business card on her pillow so she would know we stopped by.

From there we met up with Jennifer and her camera. These little people were posing and giving her the good stuff as if they were professional models. With Jennifer's amazing talent and my mini models the session is gonna knock your socks off. I am patiently waiting just a sneak peek from her but I can appreciate how busy she is- in addition to being a popular photographer, she like me, is a mom to triplets plus a bonus baby just 17 months younger. Her gorgeous children are 6 months ahead of us in age.

What better way to end the day than with Gluten Free Pizza and Cupcakes at Waldo Pizza. In keeping with the title of this post, my monkeys are also rock stars.

Guitar Hero Rock Stars that is. Alejandro scored each child a stuffed animal from the money pit machine. I am not sure how he managed that, but let me just say that last time we visited we came away with one lobster and spent a bloody fortune. Now with our Chilean Ace we broke even.

So when it comes to rock stars and models- I gott'em. I wonder how we can ever top this? Look at the risk of falling in love with my rock stars and models- no autographs, just throw money!

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