Friday, September 4, 2009

New Gluten Free Items at Trader Joe's

It is Gluten Free Friday and I am happy to blog about the latest additions to Trader Joe's already vast gluten free inventory. I wanted to blog about the nasty woman in the waiting area of the Social Security Office but I need to calm WAYYYY down before I rant about her. Suffice it to say, I am glad it is Gluten Free Friday- a nice change of subject from my rage.

This carton of soup packs a ton of flavor into rices. I used it instead of water to make a rice casserole. I am not of fan of it plain unless I add some sour cream and black beans- but then it is a nice Fall soup meal. The soup is Parve so it can be used in meat or milk dishes if you keep kosher.
These fruit sticks are all fruit, no HFCS and they are individually wrapped for school lunches.
These gluten free crepes are made with sesame seeds so they have a slightly sweet flavor and a really interesting texture. I used them like a tortilla but spread Pb&j on them for sandwich like lunches. The kids LOVED them and Jeff wanted to try them but saw that half a crepe has 250 calories and 14g of fat, so these are ideal for my skinny CJ.
These almond macaroons are delightful. The plastic container keeps them really crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. These are great to mash into a muffin tin to substitute for graham crackers in a tart like crust.
These seedy cracker wafers are way too crunchy and hard to use for dips but are great for snacking out of the package. I spread a little cream cheese on CJ's and he licked off all the toppings before realizing he could eat the cracker. These are messy and take FOREVER to eat so they are best for outdoor activities where you are using a snack as entertainment.
This frozen meal is great when microwaved and served with a side item. CJ did not know it was vegetarian because he called the lentils meat sauce, which in all fairness it appears to be. The flavor was excellent and finding Gluten Free Vegan ready to eat meals is not easy. This one is a winner.


Michele S said...

I bought the crepes and Amanda wouldn't eat them and butt doesn't need them.

I am going to check out the other ones!

HOA Mgr Lady said...

I bought the seed and nutty wafers and eat them alllllll gone bye bye. They are d-lish! I bought the crepe too but haven't opened that yet. I have the carrot soup in the pantry and will try that soon. Who knew I liked Gluten free?

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