Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I knew I was in trouble when the Fresh Beat Band was on Nickelodeon instead of Noggin. For those who are scratching their heads wondering what I mean, let me explain. Noggin is the cable network that bills itself as "like preschool on tv," without commercials. Nick is a channel that airs commercial messages between shows. Up until now I have done a damn fine job of keeping the advertising geared at kids to a minimum in our living room. Between Noggin and PBS the pre-approved and recorded favorite shows have little outside influence. Now, not so much. Enter the marketing messages about ZHU ZHU pets to the line up before and after the beloved Fresh Beat Band. We are so screwed. First Chuck E. Cheese, now this.

The hottest new product for kids is called a ZHU ZHU pet. Basically it is a robotic hamster that requires pet like care without the mess or stinky cage. These toys act like real pets and cost more than a live hamster,
of course accessories are sold separately. The only thing I can smell is a hemorrhaging of money if and when Natalie finally gets a zhu zhu pet. I have a hunch that this virtual hamster concept will catch on like wildfire with children because Natalie is a prime example of the target audience. She must have a zhu zhu pet. There is not a day that goes by that she does not state her NEED of this toy. This is all based solely on the advertising she has seen on television, the poor dear has never actually petted a zhu zhu pet in real life. Can you imagine the squealing and persistent begging that will occur if G-d Forbid someone brings one to the school and lets her see it? Heaven help me.

So in case you are curious Zhu Zhu pets are sold at Toys R Us and Target but do not think for one second you can just waltz into the store and buy one outright. They are no where to be found on shelves. These hot commodities are plentiful on E-bay if you don't mind taking it the butt first. I swear this will be like the crazy beanie babies rage of 10 years ago. I worked at Nordstrom at the time and we sold Beanie Babies for the suggested retail price of $5 each. On days we would get a shipment in stock the wacko collectors would get wind of the arrivals and would camp outside the store forming a line 150++ people deep. We had velvet ropes in front of the area and these morons would stand in line for hours to get a Princess Diana Bear or some other silly stuffed toy. It was killing me to sell them for $5 and go home and see them on Ebay for $125 or more. Back then the employees were not permitted to purchase these highly coveted creatures until the line was gone, and by then the inventory would be depleted. I am having flashbacks to those wild retail days and I must admit, I am in financially motivated to find these zhu zhu pets for profit. I am not "in" retail anymore so I am in it for the moo-lah. Poor Natalie won't get one until mama has made a substantial killing. You can kiss those zhu zhu pets goodbye if I ever get my paws on them.

Consider this your fair warning. If you children are interested in the zhu zhu pets and you are thinking about scoring them for the Christmas Holidays, start looking NOW. If you are like me and are in it to make enough money to finance all the other holiday gifts, start keeping your eyes peeled when you are out and about. Until then, I am saying Nah Nah Nah to the idea of owning a zhu zhu pet and Yah Yah Yah to pimping them out to the highest bidder.

Note to Jeff- Zhu Zhu pets are made by Cepia, LLC of Saint Louis, Missouri and I believe they are a privately owned LLC, so do your homework, okay?


Anonymous said...

Hello, I enjoyed reading your article. It was great and very well written and made me laugh out loud several times!

Anonymous said...

i could not find a zhu zhu pet anywhere-i am not paying 68.00 on amazon so I purchased similar hamster toys for 6.00 apiece, one witha hamster wheel, and one with a hamster ball--i will then print out an image of zhu zhu pets and attached to these toys--she will not know the difference for the all of 5 minutes its played with--is that wrong???

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