Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moms of Multiples Know How to PARTY

Once a month this group of savvy moms of multiples (triplets and higher) gets together for dinner (no kids) and drinks. This lively bunch has soooo much in common. We can get dressed up, go out and have a ball talking about all kinds of bodily functions, bodily fluids, sexual organs, reproductive systems and weight loss/gain- it is expected! We are just looking to have fun.

Last night I met up with my fellow MOMs. Some of us got the party started at TJ MAXX. We met for a a pre-cocktail shop-or-tunity, and it was so fun to be with my kind of ladies. (Avid bargain hunters on the prowl to get a deal) I was squeezed into the maximum security compression garment and I must have appeared sleeker and trimmer because my pals called me SLENDERELLA. I have been called a lot of names and slender anything I am not. Post tummy tuck I am flatter in the belly and I guess it shows. All my friends raved about my $24.99 sheath dress and I confessed that I could not possibly be called SLENDERELLA while wearing a size 14 frock. If you are rolling your eyes, so am I because I was d-y-i-n-g to buy it smaller but with the girls properly harnessed in front there was no way in HELL I could go smaller. I took the compliment and searched for a pair of flat front, wide boot leg jeans that would showcase Dr. Axiz's fine work, and I settled on a pair that will make their debut as soon as the weather gets a bit cooler. I am in no hurry.

We met the other ladies across the street at the designated time. We ordered our beverages and gabbed endlessly about kids and the start of the school year. There was a collective sigh of relief that the school season is HERE. We survived another summer. After we finished talking about Gymbucks and The Duggar Family we got all riveted by the hot topic of the facebook friending of ex-boyfriends. It seems that even when you are married with a plethora of children, old boyfriends come out of the woodwork. It was one of those juicy stories of long lost love and the one that got away. I was all caught up in the details of the torrid (borderline inappropriate)e-mails when my flat bread pizza arrived. In my haste to cram it in my pie hole I missed out on the cell phone facebook photos being passed around. It turns out you can date a man for 7 years, break up because HE DOES NOT EVER WANT TO HAVE KIDS, and then after 6 plus years, he knocks up some chick and has a wife and 2 kids under 4, he comes a calling via facebook. He wants to know everything, He confesses that he thinks about what might have been. It is the kind of story that makes me so glad J-date led me to Jeff. My life is never boring but I do not worry for one second that some ex-girlfriend of his will surface wanting to step in and pick up where they left off. And as far as ex boyfriends go, Jeff has met most of mine at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. That is a story for another blog post. For now I am living vicariously through my fellow high order moms of multiples.

So I did a rough count, and by my calculations there were 9 triplet moms and a quad mom at our table. We seemed so normal and ordinary in the restaurant.

That is me in at the far end of the table in my size 14 jersey knit dress. You would never guess that we had so many kids at home and so man ex-boyfriends sniffing around. You would have to be crazy to want in on our action. Moms of multiples know how to party, let's face it.

Next month I am hoping the restaurant is close to Filene's so I can get my fix of Filene's finds along with the facebook frolicing. Party ON!

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