Monday, September 14, 2009

Look out Danica Patrick

For those who are used to by daily ramblings....YES, I am alive. I drove 9.5 hours with the kids and arrived in Kansas City free from traffic violations and citations. I was making such good time on the I-70 journey West that I would only stop for fuel and bathroom breaks so long as they were at the same time.

It seemed as though the traffic was really light all day Sunday. NFL season? College kids just back to school? I am not sure why this was the case but I am not complaining AT ALL. It was fun to drive way above the posted speed limit in my mini van loaded to the gills with stuff, cargo carrier full of luggage and every available inch of carpeting covered in fast food remnants. All across Illinois I was averaging 85 mph in the far right (slow) lane while soccer moms in Honda Odesseys were flipping me off and passing me like I was standing still. I am not even kidding.

The trip odometer said we drove a total of 721 miles door to door. We stopped at one McD with an playzone and the kids used the bathroom and played while I filled the car with gas. Thankfully Argenida and I work well as a team. I got the food to go and the kids then proceeded to eat and toss the remaining fries and crumbs onto the floor. I think you can do the math with me, 721 miles in just under 9.5 hours means my overall average speed including the 2 stops for fuel and pee were record setting. I am like a more mature, fuller figured Danica Patrick- with four car seats in the back.

When you see me flying up and down I-70, please honk and wave, I love my fans. But we are here safe and sound and I swear Jeff will be driving us back. We all know Grandpa, I mean, Jeff will not be able to come close to my land speed, record breaking time. Besides, he is too cheap to drive that fast. How long do you think the return trip will take?

Let the Chez Ami parties begin- I am ready for some friends, some cocktails, and some smiles. I am working on getting a photo of me next to my mini-van, I will sign autographs by request. Move over Danica- I am here!

The Queen
Toyota Sienna 2005 XLE


Michele S said...

We bow to you, your majesty.

Kicking ass and taking names.

The Wright Trips said...

Okay, you can't steal my bumper sticker but it may help you go ahead.

"If You're Gonna Ride My Ass, At Least Pull My Hair"

Is that not the best!!

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