Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I can't make this stuff up

Right now we are at a stage where the kids are saying the greatest, funniest, most clever things. They get this from their mother's side. Clearly. After conversing with my children for any length of time they are bound to say or do something hilarious.

Yesterday my mom asked CJ how he like the scrambled eggs she prepared for breakfast. He said, "Nana they are just scrumptious!"

Natalie is full of imagination and creative play. She is always the Mommie or the boss, or the chef when they are together. The triplets play restaurant all the time and Chef Natalie prepares the food while Eli takes the order and serves it. CJ is too busy tinkering with the dishes and utensils most of the time. Nana was the customer and she ordered a salad. When it was brought to her it needed some dressing so Natalie went back into her "kitchen" for the added condiment. She came back with raspberry vinaigrette or balsamic. Nana jokingly turned her nose up at the choices and asked for Ranch dressing, and the Chef promptly replied while shaking her head no, "uh...not for this kind of salad ma'am!" The gourmand has spoken!

Eli was monkeying around on the playground at Village Shalom and it appeared as if he fell or stumbled on the ramp. I asked, "Eli are you okay?" He chimed in, "Mom I was meaning to do that, it was part of my routine on the bars."

While the kids were ever so busy playing outside I went up to Grandma's room to let her know we were downstairs with the kids. Her room was empty and she was not at mealtime or bingo or keno, or mah-jong or any of the other planned activities. I could not find her anywhere. One of the residents said, "Are you looking for Mildred?" and when I nodded yes she said, "Oh, she went to the gym!" I was laughing as if she was making a joke and then I realized she was not kidding.

As I entered the work out room I found my almost 99 year old grandmother on the rowing and cycle machine. Working out. Sporting her freshly shampoo set hairdo, in a blouse and jacket no less. Her personal trainer came over to introduce herself and they posed for some pictures because I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

I loved that her trainer's hat was all blinged out with rhinestones that spelled BOTOX across the front. Totally classic! I asked Grandma why she was not wearing athletic clothing or work-out (sweat) pants and she told me they were, and I quote, "vulgar!"

I guess the apple does not fall from the tree! I can't make this stuff up.

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