Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall is Finally Here

Although the cool temps and Autumn colors are not anywhere in sight, Fall is here. Fall means Football. Check. Fall means pumpkins, harvest time produce and apple picking. Check. And of course, Fall means back to school. Triple Check. The kids are officially back at Temple Beth Chanel three days a week and with all the talk of Fall I am getting back into my groove after four weeks of being out of sorts.

Friday Night Football is in full swing. Mitchell is a varsity starter and it is truly a pleasure to watch his team in action. Amanda came home for the Labor Day Weekend and we were able to sit and watch the game right next to the rowdy student section.

Mitchell had his own #6 cheering section and some of his Jewish friends kept blowing a shofar like air horn everytime he had a play. This was a bit of irony as we spent the Shabbat prior to Rosh Hashana at the football field. Can I get an Oy Vayzimir?

Fall produce is by far my culinary favorite. Apples, Cinnamon, Pumpkins and Baking in the afternoons. Mmmmmmmm. This week we already knew that the Gala Apples at Lynd's were available for U-pick so Alejandro and I schlepped the 4 under 4 to Pataskala for another Saturday of Produce Envy. We invaded the field of apple trees and just let the kids do their thing. By now they are experts at checking for worm holes, finding the heavy (juicy) apples and eating while they work.

Of course we got there bright and early (the kids were up and at it before 6:00 a.m. and I should have dressed them in the famous my parents are exhausted tees) so we could be home in time to catch the OSU game. My 4 little buckeyes sure do love a field trip to the apple orchard.

This was the scene of us getting ready to leave the apple and pumpkin area.

Have you ever seen such grinning and giggling with excitement? I had to take pictures so you could see the candy onions
as big as Eli's head, and other unbelievably fresh fixings. We are stocked up for a few days and I am anxious to get my kitchen cranking up in high gear again. This time I tried to shoot the images to include the prices of the produce.

See kids, when you were three years old you could buy eggplants for a dollar a piece.

We made it home, watched the buckeyes defeat the Navy, ate fresh apples, and made a gluten free pumpkin pie. I will post the photos of that project tomorrow. Remember, I am exhausted.

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