Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Double Date night

Rose Mary and Larry Winget are friends that we see as often as we can. Although we get to see Larry on television all the time it is not the same as gabbing, gossiping, and breaking bread. We LIKE them. Going out on double dates with them is fun. If we lived closer we could double date all the time. It is effortless. I love that as much as I like that.

Last night we had one of those amazing double dates in Las Vegas. The stars aligned and both Jeff and Larry are booked to speak on the same program a day apart. They are technically working and Rose Mary and I are here for the unconditional support of our men (ha!), and martinis, and fine dining, and shopping and because we can. We made Michael Mina's Nob Hill Tavern our spot for dinner and drinks.

The meal was wonderful but they could have served us crap and we would have still enjoyed ourselves. It was all about being together, sharing stories and getting caught up.

After dinner we copped a spot in a lounge for cigars, some more beverages and people watching. We got invited to a party at Studio 54 but declined on the premise that we were really comfortable just hanging out where we were and the view of the freaks, hookers, drunks and idiots was too good to pass up. We took our share of silly photos to commemorate the evening
and Rose Mary was cool to post some mobile uploads to her facebook. For old farts we sure do know how to party.

Just in case you are even thinking about burglarizing our homes while we are in Vegas you should know that Larry's son Tyler is a trained sniper (KILLER) and he is house sitting for Larry and Rose Mary with his guns. Our house is free game however, Mitchell and my Parents will leave the front door unlocked for you- just call first so they can put Lenny in the kitchen. The silver is horribly tarnished in a box underneath the dining room table and my fur is hanging untouched for 3 seasons in the front closet. Be quiet when you come in- if you wake the kids you are on your own.

Double Date Night in Vegas.... priceless!

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