Wednesday, September 23, 2009

15 Years Difference

If there is one thing I miss about my single days it is the footloose and fancy free feeling, like seizing the opportunity to enjoy a Fall day on the back of a Harley. Back in the day if I could rearrange my schedule and the weather cooperated I would find any excuse to ride with the smell of burning leaves, brightly colored trees and a stop for an apple cider slush. I did not have to make arrangements for child care, I did not have to make sure my will was current, and I certainly did not have to be back at any particular time. My motto was the classic Harley slogan- live to ride and ride to live. These were really fun times.

Last week while in Kansas City I got to revisit those magical Harley riding days. The weather was picture perfect with sunny skies, warm 75 degree temperatures and I felt as great as I did back in 1994. Would I trade what I have today for that? HELL No, but it is fun to re-connect with those precious memories. Good times. Good Friends. Good Stuff in general.

I still look back at the old photos from this era and I smile. This image was taken in 1994 in front of a friend's home in Hallbrook.John had just switched the tank and fender to a custom color of black and tan (my all time favorite) and I was all to happy to pose for a glamour shot on the bike. I remember squeezing myself into those jeans, arching my back so my boobs would look killer, and smiling for the camera. I was defying the stereotypical Jewish Princess image in every possible way. Just as the photographer was about to take the picture I sucked in my stomach and smiled. I hoped and prayed that I did not look fat.

Fast forward to 2009, just 15 years later when I climbed on the same bike (thanks John!) and smiled.I color coded my top and black jeans to match the bike, styled my hair all wild and curly and wore a supportive yet comfortable bra. So much has changed yet I feel exactly the same. I still arched my back, and prayed that I did not look like a woman that had recently given birth to 4 kids.

I am still the same biker chick on the inside. I just have more responsibilities and a wonderful husband waiting in the park with our four kids. I am so lucky. What a difference 15 years makes. Live to Ride and Ride to Live!

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