Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Sensitivity Filter is Missing

As the triplets are getting older they are noticing everything. Their knowledge of vocabulary and their concept of discussing each subject is especially advanced for age three and a half. At this age they remember EVERYTHING and they talk about everything for days. The only negative about this stage is lack of a sensitivity filter. They just don't understand when not to talk about stuff.

This week alone there are a few incidents where I had to do damage control. For example, during our field trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory- we watched a few minutes of the Dale Chihuly DVD in the lobby. The movie shows the artist working with other gaffers to createthe colorful, brilliant, glass masterpieces. I should have known the kids would comment on Mr. Chihuly's eye patchbut before I could say anything CJ boomed, "Look at the Pirate making the sculptures, ARGHHHH!" I wanted to explain that some people use an eye patch for injuries but in that moment when 25 other musueum patrons were staring at us, all I could do was hope for a sensitivity filter. Maybe someday. For now, I just have to work on volume control.

Let's not forget the incident at Costco this week. Eli was quick to announce that the seafood kiosk smelled nasty. Of course the huge icy array of shellfish and fresh water trout did smell foul, but when you are three and a half you must report these finding to those in the immediate area. As soon as he started saying, "Mommie, what is that horrible smell, Mommie, where is that smell coming from, Mommie, why does it stink over here, I started walking faster and faster toward the produce. I whispered be quiet in his ear, but the damage was already done.

Natalie is my fashion diva- she notices everything in the clothing and shoe department. I just as surprised as she was to see a lady in a very short mini skirt at Easton. As we tried to listen to the Jazz artists performing, Natalie was mesmerized by the lack of fabric covering this woman's backside. I admit her skirt was shhhhort. Natalie points right at her ass and says, "Mommie that lady needs more skirt because I can see her tushie when she walks." True. True. I am sure everyone within earshot saw and recognized the facts, but no one but a three and a half year old girl would verbalize it. Thanks Natalie.

So when you think your kids have said the darnedest things, keep me in mind. I am hiding over here underneath this big rock. I will come out when I get my kids their own sensitivity filter, until then, I have this blog.


Lauren said...

Haha! That reminds me of my little brother. When we were kids, there was an elderly woman living in our neighborhood who would ride her bike past our house every morning. She had that signature blue tinted fluffy white hair, and she wore lots of make up; blue eye shadow, red lipstick, bright pink blush, the works. One morning as we're getting into the car to go to school, my brother (who was about 3 at the time) shouts out, "LOOK AT THE CLOWN MOMMY!" I was 8 and remember it clearly. I'm sure our mother was mortified. But it's funny to look back on it now. Kids really don't have any sensors, but sometimes that's what makes them so wonderful to be around, they're honest.

Michele S said...

My whole life is one embarrasing moment to the next.

Shudder. I want an invisible escape hatch to get out quickly. Can you work on that?

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