Saturday, August 22, 2009

Produce Envy

Just a few days ago I was reading Michele S tell her blog readers about her farmers' market adventure in Las Vegas. Today I had to count my lucky stars that we live where we can get and afford all kinds of awesome organic fruits and vegetables. My faithful readers understand how important this is because we eat about 40-50 pounds of produce a week at the absolute minimum. The number is much higher if you include bananas and potatoes, which bring the weight count closer to 70 or 80. I know that is a staggering number but I am happy to report the figure since my kids really enjoy eating fresh and real.

I schlepped the kids to Pataskala (which sounds so far away but is really just ten minutes East on Morse Road) to the big tent sale at Lynd's orchards. When we arrived my goals were to score all of the pre-picked produce from the tables- the chin dripping Peaches, and some salsa fixings. That was a no brainer.I had my basket filled with other goodies when I saw the sign that said they were offering pick your own blackberries. I buckled Charlotte and Jeff back in the van for naps, and I took the triplets into the vast field of greenery for a small adventure.

We harvested 12 pounds of the biggest, juiciest, blackberries you have ever seen. These beauties were as big as my thumb and the kids had a contest to see who could pluck the biggest one from the vines.

The blackberry juice stained their hands and was under their nails like some kind of disease but I did not mind. They took turns carrying the loot from the field back to the tent and during CJ's turn he got a really funky little grin and he dumped the load of berries on the grass path and said, "Ha Ha Ha I spilled all the blackberries!" I went completely postal it was not pretty.

We drove home and I was so proud of our little produce run. We spent a fraction of what Whole Foods would charge and came home loaded with the freshest stuff around. I thought about the recipes I am anxious to try and day dreamed about blackberry custards from Food and Wine magazine. I wonder if Michele will have Produce Envy when she sees this post?

Michele, Just to add a bit of salt to your wound, we spent $22, ha ha ha, now I am the one laughin my ass off, not CJ


Mr. Stauffer said...

This recipe is sooooo good with blackberries and I've used other things for the crust, so you could make it glutten free.

Michele S said...

OH MY GOD. Rub it in ,WHY DON'T YOU?

You have no idea how completely dismal our market is for produce. I am so jealous.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Now I have produce envy. Stopping by from Multiples and More - congrats on your feature :)

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