Monday, August 3, 2009

Mountain Climbing

It is not what you might think of as Mountain Climbing, like hiking in Colorado. I have spent a good portion of the weekend doing the 6 foot tall mountain of laundry that has collected to the point of no return.
I assembled it all in the back hallway, then sorted it by color and fabric. Once divided accordingly it will take 13 loads to complete this mountain, then I can start on bedding and beach towels.

We do go through a ton of clothes, towels, work out gear, uniforms, socks, napkins, and bed linens/sheets with 9 people living here. However, if and when we go away for a change of scenery, digging out from Mount Laundry is a real bummer.

I estimate that to stay current we do a minimum of 3 loads a day. Every Single Day! Factor into the time consuming task, I pre-treat the children's stuff in Oxy Clean, hang most everything to dry, and have to put away the piles in 5 different places. Falling behind is not an option.

There are beautiful summer days, and weekends when doing laundry is just not going to when these days run consecutively, or butt up against a trip to the beach, it is just ridiculous to try to get caught up, or worse to get ahead. Mount Laundry is a destination no one wants to face- and the slogan is the opposite of Rocky Mountain High- it is more like Dirty Mountain Low. Blech!

So I am off to climb the rest of the mountain- if you don't hear back from me soon, send the search and rescue team.

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