Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mother of Four uses Tax Dollars to exhaust her chidlren

I am sure this would be the title of the article written about me and my jam packed weekend with my children. I am the first one to admit I am using the New Albany tax dollars to my advantage. Who in hell would live here if they weren't raising a family? I am just doing my civic duty, right? I am supposed to take advantage of the parks and community attractions. It is why they built them... "If they build it they will come." (Mmmmmmm, Now I am thinking about Kevin Costner in baseball pants....oy, change the subject, focus on the topic, change the subject!)

It was a glorious not too miserably kind of hot day so I schlepped all the kids to Lambton Park for playground chaos. They monkeyed around, climbed, tackled the fire pole

and posed on the bench for the obligatory blog photos. It was business as usual. I tried to tucker them out before nap time. I had them running laps, having races up and down the slides, and we played red rover red rover....over and over.

Just as we were leaving a nice couple introduced themselves to us. They saw my van and sticker revealing that our crew is triplets plus one. Turns out they have BBG triplets too and they were reminiscing about the good old days when their kids were young.

After naps I got everyone dressed and ready to invade the Plain Township Aquatic Center in New Albany. As I reported a while ago, this is where the Barbie Moms hang out- literally. This time I chose a cloudy, cool Summer Saturday and I brought Jeff along for the adventure. I wanted him to see the tax dollars spent on this amazing facility. He is not easily impressed but I could tell he was blown away at the cleanliness and lay out.

The kids played for hours. Played. Did not fight,

Did not argue, Did not get bored to the point of whining and bothering us. They love this place

and clearly, when the tax dollars are spent, they are spent big in New Albany.

We closed the place down at 7:00 and Jeff was horrified that I stripped the kids naked along side the van, sorry stalker pervs, no photos. I did not want to deal with wet car seats, and I did not plan on staying so long- therefore, I did not have pajamas. They are three, no one really gives a rats' ass if they are riding home naked. If they were naked and not buckled that would be against the law, but naked and secured in a car seat is fair game.

As we drove home I contemplated my busy day. If we lived somewhere else we would not deal with winter and weather but where else could we live where the community is so child friendly? I guess I will continue to love New Albany a while longer, and when it comes time to pay our taxes, I will look back at today and smile...for a second. Or two. Then when the kids are old enough for me to reminisce about the good old days, we can find another place to exhaust them with tax dollars. For now, this is good.

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Anonymous said...

What does the word "chidlren" means as in the headline?

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