Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life Is Good

Sometimes the best photos are just impromptu images captured when you least expect them....like just before bedtime when the kids are totally wound up. These are real life smiles and they can't be forced. These children just represent, Life is Good!

Charlotte and Eli were taking turns cracking each other up with silly sayings and rhyming words that were funny, like poop and snoop

CJ was dancing around in his Diego Pajamas that are clearly 3 sizes too small when Charlotte decided to be mommie and model some humongous sunglasses. If she would have asked for a Chanel bag I would have died. Natalie was already enjoying her road kill kitties and no one needs to see that. These are the photos I love- just kids being kids. Life is Good.

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Anonymous said...

Life is good - your blog is such fun. best to you with your upcoming spa vacation...

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