Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just For Fun

For those just joining the blog I should warn you... I just say it like it is. I am often a target for comments from the general public and lately, I have just about had enough of all the Jon and Kate commentary. I do not care about Jon and Kate. My family has 6 children and Panamanian Au Pair- we are a large, loud, happy bunch but we are not sextuplets plus twins and Jeff does not own a single piece of Ed Hardy clothing- THANK GAWD! Yet for some odd reason people want to talk to me about the Gosselins.

I barely have enough time in my day to breathe so when I am out shopping the last thing I want to do is chit chat with strangers. I am more of a smile and move along gal. A while back I got accosted in the Giant Eagle bathroom and since then I am a bit on edge about making sure I am not pushed around by hurtful comments. So I have my lines memorized and I am armed and ready for the worst. It used to be did you take fertility drugs? Are they natural? Do you have help? But now, it is always about Jon and Kate- blech!

Just for fun I decided the next time someone tries to start the whole Jon and Kate dialogue, I would be ready. I got my chance yesterday at Marshalls. A woman saw me with all the little kids in tow and I could see her trying to size us up...two sets of twins? Cousins? A day care?- let's just say I saw her coming for us. This was my conversation:

Lady: WOW, are they all yours?
Me: Yes
Lady: Two sets of twins?
Me: No, triplets plus one
Lady: Oh my, you have your hands full. I bet you love to watch Jon and Kate plus 8
Me: Who?
Lady: The Show on TLC about the family with twins and sextuplets
Me: Hmmmm, never heard of them, do they live in New Albany?
Lady: (puzzled) No, they have a television series like a reality show about raising multiples
Me: Oh, we don't watch television
Lady: LOOK OF PANIC AND HORROR- Oooh, I did not realize you were Mormon.

HUH?????? OMG, I was laughing so hard I could not keep a straight face. I entered into the conversation for pure comical relief from the usual hum drum day to day BORING chit chat and I got more than I bargained for... way more.

So at the expense of poor Jon and Kate, I got my kicks. Just for fun of course.


Anonymous said...

Here's one :

Next time someone brings it up, look indignant and say : Don't even mention her, b*tch stole my show!

And walk away . . .

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

I LOVE it!

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...
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Katie said...

you better not be changing your ways - I found your blog via the gluten free recipes, but now I enjoy the humor - you almost always have me laughing - keep it up! It might have been fun to keep up the conversation with "Morman - what's that?" Poor lady. LOL!

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