Thursday, August 6, 2009

In the waiting room

This is the husband. I'm in the waiting room with the inlaws. Helene is still in surgery. They were giving her some pretty good drugs by the time I was ushered out pre-op room. They wouldn't let me watch the surgery like they did during the c-sections for our kids. More to come . . .


Anonymous said...

xo's to helene - and you and the kids!

The Wright Trips said...

Hope the "Queen" is doing good!

Michele S said...

Okay, husband, you are not letting us know what is going on!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello hubby!! wheres our update :) hope everything is going well for her :)

Shellie said...

Hello all,

I spoke with Helene this morning at 9 am and she had removed her morphine drip, was taking pain pills and feeling "ok".

Hopefully husband will update us soon.


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