Saturday, August 8, 2009

I don't blog...give me a break

You want updates about Helene. I understand that but what do you want to know. There were several comments from disappointed readers that they weren't getting the play by play. I don't blog. So, I'll tell you what I know. Charlotte got me up at 5 am. Natalie joined here at 6 am. I gave the kids breakfast. Got them dressed (even color coordinated.) Had a sitter come at noon so I could run some errands and get to the hospital. I get to the hospital and first thing Helene asks me as why the blog wasn't updated. Then they gave her some Oxycontin which helped me as much as her.

She had pressure on her stomach. It hurts to cough or laugh. I didn't tell any jokes. The doctor told her this was gas pressure and as soon as she passed some gas, some of the discomfort would improve. I know from past experience this is one talent she really has. By my visit today she was tooting up a storm and feeling better. Thankfully I had some sinus problems. She showed me one of her medical devices. It looked to me as they were pumping a Bloody Mary right into her veins,which is why she was feeling pretty good. It turns out it was draining fluid from the her abs.

When I left the hospital I picked up Arginida from her class then went home to get the kids. Amanda and the little ones all went to Costco. They ate dinner there. We bought food. We spent half of what we normally spend and I don't think we missed anything we needed. Go figure. Its till our easiest type of outing. We just roll them up to table and start feeding them.

Kids went to bed early. I'm writing this then going to the hospital to get an update, provided I can get one of the older kids to supervise the sleeping little ones in my absence. I'm taking cookies with me for the nurses as I was instructed. I try to do everything she tells me to do, but having sex with myself was asking too much. (I'm paraphrasing, but keep in mind it was before they slipped something into her IV.)

That's all I know. Except she really looked great. Notice the flowers in the background sent from her sister Rochelle and brother-in-law Nat. (Mine don't arrive till Monday to the house) If I learn more, I'll tell you. I promise. But I'm working on 4 hours of sleep and going nuts. How does she do this every day? My wife is a saint.


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Dahling I love you but please use spell checker tomorrow so I don't bust my stitches from cringing... Gross typo and spelling errors rank with Velcro wallets. Thank you for trying I do appreciate the effort!

Sent from my iPhone without contacts and while on copious amounts of pain meds

jeff Slutsky rocks my world

Jean said...

Glad to hear that Helene's doing well! Jeff I think you're doing a great job! I have six year old triplet boys, and I know how crazy things can be. I'm so impressed with your getting the kids in matching outfits, and keeping everything running smoothly. I hope Helene has a speedy recovery! Keep up the good work!

Michele S said...

Holy cow, Helene. Did you get new boobs and are just faking about the hysterectomy? Because you are looking pretty darn good in your hospital sheet.

Jeff, thank you for the play by play. The kids look great!!! Try not to enjoy this vacation from your wife too much and thanks for filling us in. Now enjoy the sex.

The Husband said...

I just figured out how to use the spell checker. Should be much better now, Dear.

The Husband said...

Michele -- I know first hand that there is no augmentation in the boob department. Those are all natural, free range, gluten free boobies. Tastes like chicken.

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