Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going Crazy or Just a Panic Attack?

Here is a little information to explain the title of this post:

I still have the two drains hanging from right above the lady bits. I am still ridding fluid from the abdomen and the Doc says the drain stays until Friday. This hinders getting any tasks done and is rather uncomfortable since it ziga and twinges with too much movement. Staying in bed and taking it easy is not my style. Doesn't this Doc know how far behind I am at home? Clearly he does not realize that Argenida's parents arrive Monday and the house is in shambles. Obviously the pantry and fridge are bare and there is little room on the dining room table (staging area) for laundry that needs to be put away. I know he only wants the best results for my surgery, but at what point do I explode with anxiety?

That would be yesterday. I had a full on meltdown panic attack. Sweating, nausea, gastro explosion, and complete dread. I went off the pain killers a few days ago and was feeling great until I realized and saw how much work there was to be done at home and it overwhelmed me beyond just deep breathing. I went ape shit nuts and freaked out to the point of hysteria. I knew that seeing the garage piled high with crap, and the laundry scattered on the table where we are supposed to eat would make a great first impression for Senor and Senora Cedeno. RIIIGHT! I guess the pain medications made me just relaxed enough not to care, until I quit taking them and came back to reality.

The purpose of this post is not to gain sympathy but to just out myself as overwhelmed. I did not expect that I would need two weeks to recover from surgery and I did not realize that I would succumb to the pressure of being a great host at the expense of my own health. So for now, one day at at time- Jeff and Argenida are aware of my situation and are helping me help myself. Good Grief, can you imagine how bad it would have been if I had not tackled laundry mountain last week?

So here is the list of things to do before Midnight on Monday Aug 24-

Clean and organize the garage - not just clear a path like the current state of chaos
Buy groceries
Make a Costco Run
Finish putting away the dry laundry
Get Drains taken out

Well, see, there-- just writing it out makes it a bit less daunting. Unless you actually saw our garage. Okay- that is where I am at so to speak. Somewhere between going crazy and just having a panic attack. More blog posts about cute kids and insanity later. Stay tuned we are due for some marker mayhem, nail polish catastrophes and other stunts soon. I promise it will be the kids' turn to cause trouble on the blog.


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...
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Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

You MUST let them do the work you dictate! If you are not careful you can and will rupture sutures and you risk getting an infection.. TRUST ME you do not want to have an infection. That will only extend your healing another 4-8 weeks???? Take your pain meds and GO SLOW!

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...
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