Monday, August 24, 2009

For the love of Pink and Green- check out, Chez Ami and ME!

I was going to wait for Back to School to make an official announcement, but since I am at the computer now, and since I have ants in my pants, there is no time like the present. (drum roll please...) I have added another responsibility and taken a part time(ish) job as a sales representative for the darling clothing line called Chez Ami.

I will state that these clothes could not be any cuter. They are all designed and manufactured in Raleigh, NC (thus my recent trip there) and feature the brother/sister combinations I adore. Fall09 Chez Ami Catalog

Bows, and tights to coordinate and stripes and dots to mix and match- gah, it is fun! Who does not like minky dot velour? No one, minky dot velour is the worlds' softest fabric! It does not get any matchy matchier than Chez Ami. PERIOD!

If there are a few things I am really good at-- selling clothes, social networking and having parties are it. I adore anything monogrammed, anything pink and green and as seen on my girls, I do love me some big hair bows. Helene and Chez Ami- a match made in heaven. Oooh lala.

Chez Ami is sold by trunk show in the home of a friend, or on the Internet through the website. My job is to network with other moms and grandmothers, to host my parties and invite everyone they know. I bring the trunk full of samples, take orders, and the clothes magically appear all monogrammed and precious. It is like magic. There are only two seasons of clothing a year (spring and fall) so this is a part time business with full time benefits. Even the gals who host the party get an incentive to open their home and they too earn free clothes for their kiddos. WIN-WIN. Did I mention they are all over the pink and green theme every season? I am in Love.

So in case you are wondering how it works you can go to the Chez Ami site and read along. It works pretty much like tupperware, silpada, and pampered chef- only with fabulous children's clothes. Of course I will be photographing my kids in their new outfits just as soon as they arrive, so stay tuned to see exactly what I am talking about. In the mean time, I am tickled pink to start.

Who wants to be the first to host a party? Come clothes!


Aaryn said...

The Bronx is calling your name....i have connections to other places, so c'mon over!!!!

Keith and Jamie said...

Just dropped by from the MoMs blog! You are quite funny, and your Kiddos are SUPER Adorable!!! I plan to visit often for a laugh...BTW I am not on twitter either. I am not sure who would want to know when I am changing a poo poo diaper... have a great week!

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