Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Field Trip # 398

Since Argenida's parents arrived we have been going non stop in full entertainment mode. I feel like a welcome wagon representative or one of those local tour guides. I am driving and pointing all over town. The Cedenos speak Spanish and we speak English, so poor Argenida is working overtime as a translator. It is all good.

We went to pick raspberries this morning, and since raspberries are a delicacy in Panama, this was huge hit. We collected about ten pounds of the red raspberries and used them in the salad dressing and atop the tiramisu tonight. This is what summer is all about.

We managed to catch a summer jazz concerton the lawn at Easton. The green space was full of people so obviously my children were front and center- I loved hearing the snickering and whispers about their shirts. It cracks me up to sit back and watch as the 4 of them mesmerize a crowd by just showing up. CJ was practicing his break dancing moves thanks to his new friends the Fresh Beat Band.

When it comes to movin to the music my kids are all to happy to join the fun. Charlotte tries to keep up best she can, and today the siblings wore her out completely. The kids devoured

some really juicy fresh peaches along with a bag of Trader Joe's Pirate Booty and listened to the sweet sounds from the stage. The kids think we are supposed to go somewhere everyday and if I do not have a planned outing they are disappointed. Thankfully with Argenida and her parents we are burning up the road in Columbus. So much to see, so little time.

The model train railway at Easton has been moved to the Brio courtyard. We found this the hard way when we went to see it in the old area and it was gone. The kids were howling and whining like banshees until someone mentioned it was not gone, just moved.

Oh the joy of dealing with 4 under 4 in the heat. Once we located the locomotives the kids were so happy.

Field trip #398 is done and like the kids' shirts say, I am exhausted. Where should we go tomorrow? I am wondering how you say SPA DAY in Espanol?


Alice said...

We are potty training this week, so no field trips, but my kids are wearing the exact same shirts today!!!

bass family said...

I saw your blog featured on multiples and more and just wanted to stop by and say hi. My oldest, too, was part of a "package deal" - her mom died and I consider her my own. She just knows she has two mommies - one in heaven and one here on earth. I loved reading all your adventures... and I thought OUR life was crazy! Blessings to you and yours.

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