Saturday, August 15, 2009

Don't mind the crazy guy in the pick up truck, he's a triplet too

As we were leaving the play space today a 20's something guy rolled down the window and shouted- "HEY, ARE YOU GUYS TRIPLETS?" Ordinarily I would have been weary of some scruffy man making conversation with three, three year olds in the drive thru lane- stranger danger alert? Before I could even say anything, or run the other direction, he beaned, "I AM TRIPLET TOO and TRIPLETS ROCK"

He was clearly so proud of his tripletness that he was yelling, "WOO HOO TRIPLETS, WE ARE ROCK STARS, WOO HOO FOR TRIPLETS!" Upon further dialogue Jeff and I learned he is part of a GGB set and is not shy. I guess having two sisters the same age will do that to a boy. I was really glad that Jeff witnessed the whole scenario because he would not have believed me when I told him about the enthusiasm in this triplet's voice.

Natalie kept saying, "Guys, that man was so funny." I supposed his rough exterior and bad ass pick up truck could not hide is triplet pride. As parents of a trio we do not often stop to think about their adult tripletness- until today. Seeing a grown man get so riled up and boisterous made it all seem so real. This is another thing we have to look forward to- and yeah, that man was so funny Natalie.

Woo Hoo Triplets Rock!

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