Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Apparently, I should go into the hospital more often

I spent the day whirling the kids EVERYWHERE! I felt like an underpaid taxi driver- but on the plus side I did get a ton done. I was insane. I was kicking ass and taking names. I put in 143 miles of driving total.

They had a 9:00 a.m. play date with the twins from their class. To be there on time we left the house at 8:30. I dropped them off with Argenida and took Charlotte for some bonding time at my office. I was pretty nervous that one of my monkeys would do damage to the house (they have lived there one week!) or worse they would fight or be mean to their hosts. They played like solid citizens until CJ peed his pants on their carpet. Keep in mind this kid has not had an accident of that kind in about 6 months. Holy Hell, what do I do? Offer to pay for carpet cleaning? Send flowers? I am clueless about urine etiquette. Later Argenida said it was barely any pee, and that most of it was on his shorts. Wheew, but still.

From the play date now known as pissfest 2009, I took the entire crew to Polaris for lunch. I had some errands to run in that area and figured I would treat them to a nice meal at the Cheesecake Factory. My kids split an omelet made with cheese and wolfed down the little fried potatoes on the side. Dining at the Cheesecake Factory is reasonable if you do not order beverages or individual kids' meals. Thankfully my kids are still young enough to just eat what I order. After we ate we noticed the workmen were finishing up the water fountain repairs. I got special permission to let the kids have the first crack at the newest addition to Polaris Mall.

By the time they were sufficiently soaked we packed them up and shuffled them home for naps. There is nothing like fountain play to royally tucker them out.

During the precious nap time when I should have been packing for the hospital stay and hiking up and down laundry mountain, I took Mitchell to Zanesville to get his drivers' license. He chose this station because he could get an appointment before my surgical procedure, and I could take him-- never mind that Zanesville is halfway to West Virginia. Time in car- 2 hours and 26 minutes round trip. I watched as he left the exam office with a stern officer and I hoped for the best. After going over 30 mph in a 25 mph zone, he did not get his license. Exceeding the posted speed limit during your test is frowned upon, okay, it is grounds for immediate failure. Woo Hoo, it is not like I had things to do. UGH! That is what I have to look forward to in about 14 years, TIMES TWO!

When I got home I needed to use up the blueberries we bought at Costco. I decided to whip up a batch of gluten free blueberry muffins- the gooey kind with cinnamon sugar topping. My chef assistants were quite helpful
right up until a quart of over ripe blueberries got dumped onto the tile floor. I was torn- do I punt on the muffin batter and bake them without actual blueberries, or will the heat of the oven and duration of baking time kill any potential grossness. What to do, What to do. Notice the muffins- loaded with 45 second rule blueberries. My kids eat french fries they find in their car seats after G-d only knows how long, so blueberries off the big deal, right?

Do they look worse for the wear? Nahhh, they were loving the juicy blueberry baked goods. They got blueberry goo in places that blueberry goo does not belong. Enough said.

After the non stop day of activity I gave the kids a long shower. They used (wasted?) an entire can of shaving cream.

All I could hear from the steamy shower stall were hysterical squeals of delight, so they were good with that. Once we got everyone in jammies, I sat down with the little kids and talked about my upcoming hospital stay. I wanted to prepare them for my absence. Eli and Natalie seemed concerned on a basic level- and CJ and Charlotte were listening but did not have much to add to the conversation. I re-assured them that things were going to be fine and that I am trying to do as much as I can with them before I need to be at the hospital. We reflected back to our busy day and Eli chimed in, "Yeah, Mommie it was great day, I like it when we go places for the whole day, Maybe you should go to the hospital more often!"

Thanks Eli, I am actually looking forward to it.


The Wright Trips said...

I swear, you are super mom! I don't know how you do it & have time to blog. Your kids are definitely going to have lots of great memories!

We'll be thinking about you with the hospital stay. I'm jealous you will get a morphine drip... :)

ree said...

My thoughts are with you tomorrow. I will keep happy thoughts for only the best.

Michele S said...

Good grief. Knock it off. You are going to run yourself ragged.

Good luck with the surgery. I'm not sure if you are already there, but I'll put a word in with the Big Guy and hope you sail right through it.

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