Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rocking in Raleigh

We rolled into Raleigh right on time. The kids were amazingly great for the drive and we only stopped twice along the route. Thank GAWD for the dvd player in the van. We drive for hours and when the kids get all caddy whampus we play a DVD and the whole world is right again.

Eli woke up from a nap and looked at the mountains of West Virginia and said, "Wow what a gorgeous view!" He cracked us up with that one. Then CJ had to chime in, "I can see the whole wide world from up here!"

Thanks to "name your own price" on priceline we scored two rooms at the new Renaissance Hotel at North Hills. This is a brand spanking new propertyattached to a beautiful outdoor shopping district. The adjoining rooms were clean, spacious and a bargain. It turns out that this property offers complimentary membership at the Gold's Gym next door, so Jeff got a great work-out in while the kids went to the Kid Zone for their own dose of exercise. Gold's babysitting service is good for two hours of child care while the member is using the gym. What a blessing after being in the car for 9+ hours- it is an understatement to say the kids needed to run, run like the wind.

Argenida and I took them around the retail area where they were able to get some sunshine, fresh air and monkey around.

They loved this merry go round fountain and the ledge along the entire circular cement wall.

I discovered that it was KIDS EAT FREE night at Moe's. I felt like I hit the jackpot because they have tons of gluten free choices and it was perfect. My little gourmands love spicy food and they challenged each other to try the spicy salsas.

CJ even drank his salsa because it was so "tasty". Dinner was followed by a stop at Ben & Jerry's outdoor cafe.

The kids were drenched in ice cream when we noticed the Chik-fil-a Cow was across the green space. They took turns moo-ing at the cow and goofing off

before Argenida was determined to exhaust them. She played some sort of Panamanian tag like chase game and before long everyone was ready to hit the hay at the hotel.

I took these images of Charlotte
and while I was snapping the photos she started to imitate her daddy. I am not sure of the sound quality of this video, but if it worked you will be able to hear her snoring like her father.

Next stop, Virginia Beach. Are we there yet?

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The Husband said...

Not true! She snores just like her mother.

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