Thursday, July 9, 2009

Preschool Panic

Last year the triplets were in preschool three days a week for roughly 3 hours a day. It was heaven for them on so many levels. Eli met his first true love, their program was perfect, and they LOVED every day at school. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they were so disappointed.

With our moratorium on spending and our financial pickle we can't afford preschool tuition times three, yet alone times four. Technically, Charlotte is more than ready to be enrolled too, and by Fall she will be completely potty trained. What to do? What to do?

I joked about homeschooling them last summer when we were screwed over by the folks at the MRDD, and while Summer Homeschooling is an adventure in field trips, homeschooling four kids under four during the cold, winter months of Central Ohio is HELL. There is no amount of mild sedation, or anxiety drugs that could coax me into homeschooling them full time. I am beginning to panic.

Tuition at private preschool is about $4K per child after you join an organization or pay dues/building funds/mandatory memberships to a synagogue. I can probably find a cheaper program but once the kids have had a taste of Evian, I doubt they will be okay to drink tap water even if it is disguised with toys and jungle gyms. So here I sit wallowing in the fact that this school year is looking grim at best.

As I added the facts and figures of tuition times four, it occurred to me that preschool teachers probably make about $15K part time teaching a few days a week with an entire classroom of 6 or more kids. I wonder if I can hire a private preschool teacher to take them on for half of that? Surely there are some preschool teachers looking to supplement their incomes? So perhaps my homeschooling dilemma and preschool panic is premature. Should I write an ad in the classifieds? After all I do have enough students for a small school setting, and since I dress them alike, they are already wearing "uniforms" of sorts.

I need to either sell a kidney and enroll them in the program at Temple Beth Chanel, or find an awesome teacher that wants to have her own little school. Plan B is to start buying anti-anxiety meds and coloring books. Preschool Panic- ahhhhh, can you hear me screaming?


Shellie said...

Hi. I loved your posting of Aaryn as did her grandparents and our friends since I am forwarding them to your blog. Thank you so much.

Now that I am thinking a little clearer I have one comment and some suggestions for preschool. First of all, as a former Ohio professional who was involved on the team for qualification of various speech language and educational services, it's a thank g-d that your children are healthy, intelligent and verbal so that they do not qualify for the Mental Retardation and Developmental Disability programs that are offered to other youngsters who are not as fortunate to be born without a handicapping condition. On the other hand, I understand completely the cost factor involved now that you have to pay for preschool for 4 toddlers.

Try calling the various colleges and universities and see if any of them know of any or have any preschools where they are accepting "typical" peers. Also ask if there might be any graduate students, especially from the speech language, early childhood departments that might be interested in using the triplets as a study or for independent "research". Maybe there are students who can arrange their schedule so they could be an inhome preschool teacher for you. This could be posted on the various colleges "employment boards". Depending on what you were willing to pay and the hours, you might be able to find someone this way.
Another option might be to find a "former" teacher who has their own child to bring to your house and have your place be the preschool.
I doubt you would want to put an ad in the Dispatch, but maybe the suburban papers would be a place to start. I don't know how the education environment is there now, but in Sarasota there are maybe 70 teachers who are now laid off and looking for jobs for this coming school year.
I hope I have given you some "streetfighter" suggestions to work through. Feel free to call.

The Preschool Teacher said...

I would SOOO be interested, but I live around Dayton so it would probably be too far away. lol

I'm a preschool teacher currently working fulltime and I only make about 13,000 a year.

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